The Money Line: College Football Week 5

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The Money Line: College Football Week 5

QuarterMaster Sports is proud to introduce our newest member J Money and his college football betting segment, "The Money Line." From now on, each week J Money will provide you guys with his expert college football picks to beat the lines and put some extra change in your pocket. So let's get to the bets.

The Locks:

Kentucky (+1.5) vs. South Carolina

BYU (+17) @ Washington

West Virginia (-3.5) @ Texas Tech

LSU (-10) vs. Ole Miss

Texas A&M (-21) vs. Arkansas


Other Intriguing Bets:

ECU (-7) vs. Old Dominion

Clemson (-25.5) vs. Syracuse

Penn State (+3.5) vs. Ohio State

Mississippi State (-7) vs. Florida

Stanford (+5) @ Notre Dame


Let us know how The Money Line works out for you in the comments, on our Facebook Page (QuarterMaster Sports), and on Twitter (@quartermasternc). Also, let us know which picks you're feeling good about this week! May the bets be forever in your favor. 

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