The Miami Miracle

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The Miami Miracle

With the increased ease and quantity that people take in sports these days, even the most die-hard fans can become complacent. Most of the time, your team either wins or loses too often for you to really care. Of course, the wins still feel good and the losses hurt, but rarely is there a moment where you remember why you fell in love with a team in the first place. On Sunday, that all changed for me.

Like every Sunday, the guys at QMS gathered for lunch before watching Red Zone and rooting for DFS line-ups that would surely find a way to fail. We are all fans of different teams, so the day usually goes a little different for each member. Rongy & Rellhouse’s Panthers usually send them into fits. Cannon & Robs’ Chargers usually win unless their kicker shanks one. And then there’s TyGuy & I. A Patriots fan and a Dolphins fan. Two people that have lived vastly different lives of NFL fandom for the last decade. Sunday, however, posed a threat to the evil empire. For some reason, the game in Miami is New England’s kryptonite so anything could happen, and boy did it.

The game started how most people expected. The Pats drove down the field easily on the Dolphins, but Tannehill & co. weren’t going quietly. A Gostowski missed XP & Field Goal down the stretch kept the Dolphins in the game, but alas, Brady marches the Pats down into Miami territory with time dwindling down to set up a Gostowski Field Goal to take the lead 33-28 with only a few seconds to go. All hope seemed lost for the Dolphins, who had the ball on their own 31-yard line with only 7 seconds remaining. The Patriots had a 99.9% chance to win the game. Then, this happened:

What just happened…? Well, apparently it’s a little play called “Boise,” inspired by the ’05 Fiesta Bowl winners. I wish we had a reaction video for you guys. I honestly was jumping and screaming for joy. I can’t remember the last time I reacted like that to any sporting event. It brought me back to watching Marino with my Dad. Pure euphoria. A play like that only happens once every few years for each fan-base, if that, but when it comes, it makes it all worth it. It reminds us why we fell in love with these teams.

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