Looks Like The Marlins Are Re-Branding Again

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Looks Like The Marlins Are Re-Branding Again

In an odd turn of events, it seems that we’re in the midst of yet another Marlins’ makeover. Everyone remembers the 2012 revamp where the Florida Marlins turned into the Miami Marlins. It was nice to finally not be owned by the state and I actually kind of liked the jerseys in that makeover, but everything else about it was bad. The owner sucked. The team was way overhyped and eventually led to a fire sale. And the new stadium was a bit tacky. Thankfully, we have gotten rid of the ridiculous statue in centerfield.

Now, enter Derek Jeter.

Another fire sale ensued. Goodbye Stanton. Goodbye Ozuna. Goodbye Yelich, among others. The sheer fact that the Marlins didn’t lose 100 games this season is a marvel in itself. But there were some promising rookies, namely Brian Anderson and Sandy Alcantara. Largely, however, the season went exactly how Marlins fans envisioned; finishing in the basement of the NL East. This was particularly hurtful for me, because then I had to witness the Red Sox win the World Series. I know some of you out there may not like the Red Sox, but Boston sports feels like my immortal enemy at this point.

No one was going to realistically have a shot in beating Boston, so it was time to move on. Miami just signed the Mesa brothers. Things were looking up. (By the way, the fact that someone named his son Victor Victor Mesa is a WILD move. That kid better be the best player ever. Also, if he doesn’t have VICTOR² on the back of his jersey, he’s failing already.) Then, all the sudden, the Marlins start putting out cryptic posts on Instagram about their colors. Which features a blue and an odd burnt pinkish orange. After that there was news that a new logo has been leaked. Let’s go. I love a good re-branding. I mean, if Derek Jeter is going to be your owner, then you essentially just do whatever he wants. Check out the link and look for yourself, but the black and blue could be the start of some really cool uniforms or some really bad ones…there’s no in between. Regardless, I’m going to be rocking a VICTOR² #32 next season!

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