Kelly Bryant Is Transferring From Clemson

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Kelly Bryant Is Transferring From Clemson

Uh oh…there seems to be some trouble brewing for Dabo Swinney and the Clemson Tigers. After being informed that he has lost the starting QB job, Kelly Bryant has elected to transfer. Now, I can’t say that I didn’t see this one coming. Bryant losing the starting job, that is. True freshman Trevor Lawrence is the real deal. He’s got all the makings of a premier QB; the build, the arm, the distinctiveness, and the hair. He’s basically Sunshine from Remember the Titans, but better. Enough about his replacement, though. Let’s talk about Bryant.

Kelly Bryant was never a bad QB at Clemson, he just got caught in the middle of two better ones. He started his career at Clemson backing up DeShaun Watson and after he finally got his shot, Trevor Lawrence walked in the door. It happens all the time with college players, but especially quarterbacks. Just look at the Alabama situation. Unfortunately, unlike in the NFL, college players have a maximum of 4 years. It’s all about getting the best recruits in every class, no matter how good your current players are.

Luckily for Bryant, he’s still eligible to red-shirt for this season, so he’s decided to leave Clemson behind. The question now is where will he go? A lot of people online are saying that Arkansas is the perfect fit because it’s a similar system and Chad Morris recruited him while at Clemson, but I’m not for it. It’s too easy of a solution and people are forgetting one major thing…the revenge narrative. We’re not talking about an NFL veteran that is making his next career choice. We’re talking about a kid that is pissed that his starting job was taking away from him. In my mind, there’s a 100% chance that Bryant transfers within the ACC. Florida and NC State offered Bryant a scholarship coming out of high school and would be ideal landing spots for him. Another spot to look at is Florida State because God knows, they need some help. Regardless, Swinney and Lawrence need to watch out, because they’ll be facing Bryant next season, one way or another.

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