I'm Dissapointed in You, Josh Gordon

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I'm Dissapointed in You, Josh Gordon

Do you know who I am, or care about my opinion in any way? Of course not, but the fact remains. Any person that fuels the success of Supreme Chancellor Belichick and Darth Brady is on my eternal shit-list. I get that Cleveland sucks, really. LeBron left…again, and you figured that you’d follow suit. I can’t imagine that anyone would willingly put themselves through that torment but come on man. You joined the Evil Empire. Is it an illustrious career choice? Almost definitely. Could you be reminiscent of ’07 Randy Moss? Probably. But, I feel like I’ve suffered enough.

I probably hate the New England Patriots more than anything else on this planet. Does that make me a hater? Well, yes, by definition, it does, but you’d probably be a hater too if you were a Miami Dolphins fan in this era of the NFL. I’ve had to endure the likes of Chad Henne & Chad Pennington while Bill Belichick molded a 6th round pick into one of the greatest QBs of all-time. Hell, the late great Tony Sparano had to invent an offense because our QBs were so bad. Shout out Ronnie Brown and the Wildcat.

I just don’t think I can do it anymore. I hate to wish anything ill-fated on anyone, but I really hope you find a new strand of the ganja up in Boston before the Fins roll into town. Nothing personal, man, but things are going good in South Beach right now. TanneTHRILL is back and the Dolphins are atop the AFC East at the moment. I just can’t have you ruining my parade. Plus, I hear marijuana makes you happier, anyway.

So, smoke up and stay off the field, please.


Your former friend, TreBabs.

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