World Series Game 2: Springer’s Dinger Lifts ‘Stros in 11 Inning Thriller

World Series Game 2: Dodgers lead series 1-0

Through 8, Dodgers lead 3-2

  • Top 3: Bregman Single, Reddick Scores. HOU 1-0.
  • Bottom 5: Pederson Home Run. Tied 1-1.
  • Bottom 6: Seager Home Run, Taylor Scores. LAD 3-1.
  • Top 8: Correa Single, Bregman Scores. LAD 3-2.

Top 9: Jansen Blows the Save

Top Nine. 3-2 Dodgers. Stud Closer Kenley Jansen on the mound for his second inning of work. Marwin Gonzalez digging in at the plate. Jansen receives his call from his catcher, he comes set, he kicks, he throws; 92 MPH cutter down in the zone. Gonzalez takes, called strike looking.

Jansen gets the ball back. Makes his way back to the bump. Just like the pitch before, the 6’5″ Jansen unleashes another 92 MPH cutter further down in the zone. This time Gonzalez swings catching a piece and fouling the pitch off. Strike two.

Now one pitch away from being two outs from victory, Jansen has a choice: waste a pitch or go right after Gonzalez. Jansen picks the later. The righty rares back and fires. A third cutter, 94 MPH. However, this time Jansen makes a mistake and leaves the pitch up. Gonzalez makes him pay. The Venezuelan utility tool launches a bomb just over the left-center field fence to tie the game.

Despite a George Springer double, Jansen was able to end the Astro threat and get through the rest of the inning.

Bottom 9: Ken Giles Retires the Side

First, Corey Seager sees three straight fastballs at 98,99, and 98 MPH respectively. Seager fouls off the first, takes the second for a ball, and whiffs on the third. On the fourth pitch, Giles runs a slider down and in and Seager misses again; one out.

Second up, Justin Turner. First pitch, ball outside. Next, a slider across the heart of the plate for a called strike. Then Giles heats it back up, a 98 MPH fastball middle away that Turner catches a piece and fouls off. On pitch number four, Giles runs another slider away from Turner. Turner rolls over and grounds out to second base.

Finally, Cody Bellinger. Giles came right after the talented rookie, first testing him with 98 MPH fastball down in the zone for a ball. Pitch number two, Giles comes right back at Bellinger with a fastball right above the knees. Bellinger took a mighty hack that brought the Chavez Ravine crowd to their feet. However, the hit landed just short of the wall, safely into George Springer’s glove.

Top 10: Altuve and Correa Go Back-to-Back

Now on the mound for LA, Josh Fields. First up, likely AL MVP Jose Altuve. Fields choose to avoid Altuve with two fastballs away but then makes a crucial mistake; a chest-high 97 MPH fastball Altuve absolutely crushes over the fence to the deepest part of the field. 4-3 Astros.

To make matters worse for the Dodgers, now up Carlos Correa. Fields first pitch another fastball. Correa fouls it off. Then Fields tried to mix it up. A curveball that hung just a little too long. Correa doesn’t miss. 427 feet over the centerfield fence. 5-3.

Dave Roberts leaves Fields in to face Yuli Gurriel. One pitch, Gurriel doubles to center fields. Josh Fields out, Tony Gingrani in. No outs, runner on second.

Cingrani goes on to retire Brian McCann with a fly out to center. The Dodgers then chose to walk Gonzalez to set up the double play. Sure enough, Cingrani induces a Josh Reddick ground ball back to the mound that he rolls up for two outs and end the inning.

Bottom 10: #PuigYourFriend so is Keke

Giles back on for another inning of work. First up, Yasiel Puig. With the weight of the city on his shoulders, Puig delivers. Puig punishes a 97 MPH fastball, Giles fourth of the at-bat, for a 425-foot bomb. 5-4 Astros.

Then Giles regained his bearings. The flamethrower retired both Yasmani Grandal and Austin Barnes on strikes before facing Logan Forsythe with two outs and an opportunity to finish off the game. However, Logan Forsyth had nerves of steel. The big pinch-hitter took three straight balls with two strikes to earn a free pass.

Now in the box, Keke Hernandez. First pitch, fastball down for a ball. On the next pitch, Giles let one slip and Forsythe advanced to second on the wild pitch. Hernandez fouled off the third pitch, a fastball chest-high. Giles missed again outside with the fourth pitch to move the count to 3-1. Pitch number five, Hernandez delivered, pushing an outside fastball back where it came from through the hole. Forsythe beat the throw from Reddick and tied the game at five.

Chris Devenski replaced Giles after allowing the game-tying hit. In a fortunate play for the Astros, Devenski tried to pick Hernandez at second but missed horribly. The ball would’ve gone into centerfield and Hernandez would’ve advanced, but the ball hit umpire Lez Diaz and forced the runner to stay at second.

Chris Taylor could’ve ended the game with a base hit, but Devenski was able to induce a fly out to end the threat.

Top 11: Springer Hits a Dinger

Brandon McCarthy now on the mound for the Dodgers. Leading off, Cameron Maybin. Maybin sees four straight sinkers from McCarthy; a ball away, a swing and miss on a pitch inside, and then he takes another ball outside. Then McCarthy leaves a sinker slightly elevated that Maybin shoots back up the middle.

Now up, George Springer. Springer takes a first-pitch sinker for a ball down. On the next pitch, Maybin broke for second. The pitch was a ball that allowed the speedster to swipe second base easily. The stolen base earned the world a free taco. Now down 2-0, McCarthy threw an 87 MPH cutter across that Springer fouled off. McCarthy decided to challenge Springer with another cutter in essentially the same location as the last and Springer attacked. 389 feet later, the Astros were up 7-5.

McCarthy then retired Alex Bregman, Altuve, and Correa in order to end the inning.

Bottom 11: Culberson Bomb, Puig Gets His Chance

Houston sent Devenski back out to the mound for the 11th and the move almost backfired. Both Corey Seager and Justin Turner hit rocket shots off Devenski; however, Seager hit his right at Cameron Maybin and Justin Turner lined out on a laser that Carlos Correa snagged from shooting into left field. Two pitches later, Charlie Culberson cut the lead in half with a home run off a 95 MPH fastball that he blasted over the left-center fence. Culberson’s home run was the fifth dinger of the game hit in extra innings. In World Series history, there have only been 17 extra-inning home runs hit all time.

For Yasiel Puig, the table was set. This was his moment. Two outs, needing one run, everything was perfect for a Puig storybook bomb. Quickly down 0-2, Puig didn’t falter. He fouled off a third straight changeup after watching the first two. Then Puig proceeded to take three straight balls. Now sitting 3-2, Devenski had to pound the strike zone. Puig fouled a changeup to the backstop on the next pitch. Next, the eighth pitch of the at-bat, Puig fouled off another changeup. Finally, Devenski was able to get Puig to chase a changeup down and away to end the game and earned the Astros their first World Series game win ever.

Heading to Houston: Tied 1-1

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