TyGuy’s NBA Top 5/ Bottom 5 10/25

Week 1: In the books

The first week of the NBA season is in the books and it’s been a good one. From Gordon Hayward breaking his leg to Steph Curry throwing his mouthpiece, the first week of the season has been everything we wanted from the NBA. We knew the Bulls and Knicks would be bad, so it’s no surprise to see both teams win-less. However, we did expect more from Philly at this point, especially the way Ben Simmons has played so far. Another early surprise, Memphis, is 3-0 coming off an impressive 111-101 victory against the defending world champs. We’ve seen the same Finals matchup for the past three seasons, but there is something in the air that has generated so much excitement around this season. While early season rankings really mean nothing, here’s an attempt based on what we’ve seen through one week of play. TyGuy’s NBA Top 5/Bottom 5:

Top 5

1. San Antonio Spurs (3-0)

2. Houston Rockets (3-1)

3. Washington Wizards (3-0)

4. Los Angeles Clippers (3-0)

5. Memphis Grizzlies (3-0)

Bottom 5

26. Atlanta Hawks (1-3)

  • They beat Dallas, so there’s that. Dennis Schroder is playing well, but that’s all they’ve got until John Collins develops. The rookie has played well, but no need to rush the young big man.

27. Dallas Mavericks (0-3)

  • It’s just a strange combination of talent in big D. Harrison Barnes hasn’t exactly budded into the superstar some thought when he signed with the Mavs and the disappointment in Nerlens Noel continues to mount. Dennis Smith Jr. has flashed potential in his first two games, but the Mavs aren’t in any position to contend anytime soon.

28. New York Knicks (0-3)

  • Lol.

29. Chicago Bulls (0-3)

30. Phoenix Suns (1-3)

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