Cannon: Trade Deadline Frenzy

NFL Trade Deadline


The trade deadline has come and gone yet again. Let’s look into all the transactions that occurred this year. To quickly recap, Jimmy Garappolo, the most prized quarterback asset available, goes to the Bay. Jay Ajayi, see ya later. He’s heading to one of the best teams in the league. Another move for a Panthers player to the Buffalo or as we call it Carolina North. Finally, don’t forget the deals of Duane Brown to the Seahawks for Jeremy Lane and a complimentary pick and Marcell Dareus to the Jaguars.

While all of these teams made moves to improve their rosters, one team fail miserably. You guessed it, the Browns. Cleveland had a deal in place and found a way to mess it up. The trade sent AJ McCarron to Cleveland for a 2nd and 3rd round pick. Both sides had agreed to the deal and all the Browns had to do was notify the league office. They didn’t by the time the deadline passed, no deal. Should we be surprised at this point? While the other winless team in the NFL secured their future at Quarterback, the Browns failed to pull the trigger, yet again.

Golden Boy to the Golden Gate

Let’s start with the Jimmy G deal. Out of all of these deals, the Patriots got the most value out of their player. A 2nd-round pick for a backup quarterback with only 600 yards passing to his name. The Patriots essentially always seem to come out on top of these trades, especially when it comes to Brady’s backups.

Begin by taking a look at Matt Cassell. Cassell was in a deal for a second-round pick in 2009. Sound familiar? Since then, Cassell has a career starting record of 28-40 and is back to being a backup again. Next, Brian Hoyer, who ironically enough now seems to be in line to regain his spot as Tom Brady’s back up. Teams highly coveted Hoyer when he left New England for free agency in 2009. However, injuries and inconsistent play have seen Hoyer become a journeyman and nothing more than a place-holder for a team’s next young QB. After Hoyer came Ryan Mallet. Mallet was traded to Houston for a seventh-round pick, but the troubled QB essentially did nothing in the league after, boasting a 3-5 record since the trade.

Yet to be determined: the fate of Jacoby Brissett. Sadly, Brissett may already have the best outlook of any former Brady backups. He was traded earlier this season for a 3rd round pick. The former NC State QB has yet to prove anything for a sustainable career in the league, but he also plays on one of the worst teams in the league. So if the future looks anything like the past, sorry Niner’s fans but you’re in for a bad go of it. At least you’re looking better than the Browns.

Breaking: Jimmy G to the 49ers for a 2nd Rounder

Ajayi Flys to Philly

The Dolphins have not been short for headlines this year. The latest, Jay Ajayi to the Eagle for a fourth-round pick. Let’s be serious, they essentially got the equivalent of a no-name, backup corner who will not see the field unless hell freezes over. Rumors have determined that Ajayi may have been a bit of a nuisance in the Dolphin’s locker room. To get rid of the 24-year-old running back for scraps, Ajayi must have hit Gase in the mouth after being called out by his head coach for being part of the issue with the offense. The Dolphins situation just seems to be a peculiar one this season. Tannehill gets hurt, they sign a rental QB for 10 million, coaches getting busted doing cocaine, trading away the running back of the next ten years for nothing. It makes you wonder what’s going on down there in Miami.

BREAKING: Jay Ajayi To The Eagles

Carolina North Bills or Buffalo Panthers?

Another trade of particular curiosity is that of Kelvin Benjamin to the Bills. It almost seems the Panthers have become some kind of a farm system for the Bills to funnel in talent. The Panthers got modest value for the top wideout gaining a third and seventh-round selection in next years draft. Yet this still doesn’t seem to sit quite right seeing how the Panthers are right in the middle of a playoff hunt. On the other hand, this deal makes the Bills look like a serious contender with a now solid number one wideout at the helm to run wild with Tyrod and the boys.

Breaking: Panthers Deal Kelvin to Carolina North (Buffalo)

Other Moves Around the League

Let’s not forget about the seemingly silent acquisitions that happened before the fire sale at the deadline. Marcell Darius will be a difference maker joining an already stout Jaguars defense. The corners are already elite. If there was a weakness, it was run defense. Now the Jags are in a good position to make a push to the playoffs. If Jacksonville can get anything going on offense, watch out for the Jacksonville the remainder of the season.

Lastly, the Seahawks finally get the offensive line help they need in Duane Brown. Another bold move for the Seahawks in letting Jeremey Lane go to the Texans. This seemingly is a quality trade value wise helping both teams without necessarily giving away too much. Look for both of these teams to be strong contenders in trying to secure an appearance in the postseason.

This has been one of the more aggressive trade deadlines in recent memory. Some of the trades were logical from a cap space or a needs standpoint. Others seem to leave their fans scratching their heads wondering what in the hell just happened here. All I know is the rest of the year shapes out to be a good one with so many teams battling for the playoffs. We at Quartermaster cannot wait to see how it unfolds.



Breaking: Panthers Deal Kelvin to Carolina North (Buffalo)

Kelvin Benjamin Traded to the Bills

Buffalo Carolina North Bills

The great Panther migration north is in full effect. In a rather shocking move, the Carolina Panthers have dealt their former first-round wideout, Kelvin Benjamin, to Buffalo for a third and a seventh-round pick. Benjamin’s trade continues a trend that has seen several Panthers players become part of the program in Buffalo under new General Manager Brandon Beane. Beane began his NFL career in the Panthers front-office in 1998. Over 18 years, Beane ascended through the Panthers front-office and reached the title of Assistant GM under Dave Gettleman. This offseason, Beane was presented a tough career choice: wait in the wings until Gettelman retires or is fired or accept the Bills’ GM job and begin building his own empire in Buffalo.

Beane took the latter. In May, Beane was named the new General Manager of the Buffalo Bills. He didn’t have to look for a head coach. Carolina’s former defensive coordinator Sean McDermott was a hot commodity in head coaching searches, but ultimately landed in Buffalo. Buffalo hired McDermott in January under previous GM Doug Whaley. After Whaley was fired the day after the 2017 draft, Beane was a natural fit to pair with McDermott. The duo’s first task would be to begin assembling a winning roster. During free agency, the Bills scooped up several former Panthers including Mike Tolbert, Leonard Johnson, Philly Brown, and Joe Webb after he was cut.

Buffalo’s vision is clear under Beane and McDermott. They are obviously trying to instill the culture and brand of football the Panthers used to make their Super Bowl run in 2015. So far they are off to a great start. Currently, the Bills are 5-2 and sit a half a game back of New England for first in the AFC East. Now they have a massive red zone threat in Benjamin to replace Sammy Watkins.

Implications in Carolina

What does the Benjamin trade mean for Carolina? Though they have Devin Funchess, who is of similar size but costs much less, Kelvin was one of Cam Newton’s favorite and most reliable targets. In the red zone, it has been no secret that Cam is looking for Benjamin. That aside, it’s possible that Christian McCaffery along with the emergence of Funchess made Benjamin expendable. There is no denying it. Kelvin Benjamin made an impact in this offense. When he’s on the field, Kelvin has been outstanding. However, in Carolina’s most successful season over that span, 2015, Benjamin missed the entire season with a knee injury. With Greg Olsen set to return from injury in the coming weeks, the Carolina front office must’ve felt this deal is an addition by subtraction.

When Olsen heals, the Panthers offense should be okay, if not more spacious at least. They certainly can’t be worse than they’ve performed this season. Now, Devin Funchess is the primary outside target. Greg Olsen will man the inside with Ed Dickson sneaking around from a second tight end position at times. Across the middle, Curtis Samuel will be the shifty speed threat; similar to the role Philly Brown played on the 2015 team. In the slot, Russell Shepard, Damiere Byrd, and Christian McCaffery. Shepard has speed and big-playmaking ability. So does Byrd. McCaffery is most intriguing out of the slot. The rookie ranks third in the league in receptions. Unfortunately, the speedy back hasn’t seen requisite space to make special things happen. Perhaps removing Benjamin’s big body from the equation will open things up.

Though trading away a first-round pick and top receiving target may look like the Panther’s front-office is crazy. In time, the move could be more beneficial to Carolina than anticipated.

Trade Deadline Coverage

Breaking: Jimmy G to the 49ers for a 2nd Rounder

BREAKING: Jay Ajayi To The Eagles

BREAKING: Jay Ajayi To The Eagles

Ajayi to the Eagles for a 4th-Rounder

Recently, it was reported that the Miami Dolphins traded RB Jay Ajayi to the Philadelphia Eagles for a 4th-round draft pick, and boy, do I have some things to say.

Before I get into bashing my favorite football team, I would like to wish The JayTrain the best of luck in Philly. I hope you win a Super Bowl and shove it right in the Dolphins faces.

Okay, now let’s get right to it. What are we thinking!? I understand that trades are a part of the sport, but really? A 4th-rounder? I understand that Ajayi’s numbers aren’t the best this year, but that’s the Dolphins fault. The offensive line is just that…offensive. They clearly can’t push forward for the run and they aren’t great at protecting the QB, either. Aside from the lack of blocking, the offensive scheme is all wrong for the kind of runner Ajayi is. His nickname is literally “JayTrain,” which would imply that he might need some steam before meeting the line.

Instead of putting him 7 or 8 yards behind the QB in a single back set, the Dolphins put him beside the QB like they’re going to run a read option or something. There are only a couple of RBs in the league that should be lined up that way. Le’Veon Bell can line up beside Big Ben because his running style is patient. Shady McCoy can line up beside Tyrod Taylor because his QB is mobile, so they can run all sorts of options. But Ajayi, like Zeke and LaGarrett Blount, needs to get some momentum going before they hit the line of scrimmage because they thrive on contact. They are power backs.

I don’t know what else to say here. From the Dolphins’ perspective, it was just a bad trade. On the other hand, the Eagles might have just assured themselves the NFC East. It seems as if Ajayi will be the perfect compliment to their young QB, Carson Wentz, and the other three teams in the division are on the downtrend…unless the Redskins can find a receiver at the deadline. (Watch it be Jarvis Landry)

So the Eagles may win the Super Bowl and the Dolphins may end up getting a top-5 draft pick. These two franchises are going in very different directions just because of this one move. Every year, I say “let’s make this the best Trade Deadline ever,” no matter what the sport. I love trades, always have, so it’s only right that my team rips my heart out using one of my favorite things.

Again, I wish you the best, JayTrain. Keep running people over and get yourself a ring. Enjoy Wentzylvania.

Trade Deadline Coverage

Breaking: Panthers Deal Kelvin to Carolina North (Buffalo)

Breaking: Jimmy G to the 49ers for a 2nd Rounder

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