NFL Week 16 Power Rankings

NFL Week 16 Power Rankings

After a bizarre week across the league, we only have two weeks left to shake out the playoff picture. The difference between a playoff spot and an early offseason is this thickness of a note card. This week’s NFL Week 16 Power Rankings:

19. Oakland Raiders (6-8) [LW: 19]

  • Week 15: L 17-20 vs DAL
  • Week 16: @ PHI (MON)
  • Quote: “Just stretch the chain and if (the ball is) inside, if there’s space, it goes the other way. I saw space and in my opinion, it should have gone the other way. I haven’t had a chance to call and get the explanation. I’m sure there’ll be some kind of explanation. But whatever it is, I’m going to disagree with it.” – Jags HC Jack Del Rio

18. Miami Dolphins (6-8) [LW: 18]

  • Week 15: L 16-24 @ BUF
  • Week 16: @ KC
  • Quote: “I would hope they would be very motivated. They are playing for their jobs.” – Dolphins HC Adam Gase

17. Tennessee Titans (8-6) [LW: 13]

  • Week 15: L 23-25 @ SF
  • Week 16: vs LAR
  • Quote: “It’s the difference between winning and losing every week. It is a big emphasis. We talk about it, and it’s on the board every week. It is a huge emphasis, and we need to start doing it. You can talk all you want about it, put it all over the message board, but we need to start making the plays.” – Titans HC Mike Mularkey

16. Buffalo Bills (8-6) [LW: 17]

  • Week 15: W 24-16 vs MIA
  • Week 16: @ NE
  • Quote: “We’ve got too much work to do. And this is too good of an opponent for us to, A, talk about it, or B, even think about it. The weeks go by too fast for us to do anything but focus on what we’ve got to do and the New England Patriots.” – Bills HC Sean McDermott

15. Dallas Cowboys (8-6) [LW: 16]

  • Week 15: W 20-17 vs OAK
  • Week 16: vs SEA
  • Quote: “I hadn’t seen that before. The biggest thing that I was looking at from my vantage point — it seemed like the first down marker was kind of on an angle. I thought if we had straightened it up, we would’ve had a better chance of making that thing. Eventually, they got it straight and he pulled out that index card and it worked out well for us.” – Cowboys HC Jason Garrett

14. Los Angeles Chargers (7-7) [LW: 11]

  • Week 15: L 13-30 @ KC
  • Week 16: @ NYJ
  • Quote: “None of those scenarios matter if we don’t win Sunday. That’s the message to the team.” – Chargers HC Anthony Lynn

13. Detroit Lions (8-6) [LW: 15]

  • Week 15: W 20-10 vs CHI
  • Week 16: @ CIN
  • Quote: “Does that have anything to do with Cincinnati? That’s all I’m worried about. All I’m worried about is Cincinnati, Cincinnati, and Cincinnati. That’s it.” – Lions HC Jim Caldwell

12. Kansas City Chiefs (8-6) [LW: 14]

  • Week 15: W 30-13 vs LAC
  • Week 16: vs MIA
  • Quote: “He had a heck of a game. Ran hard. The offensive line, it all starts with them. They did a great job. I thought Matt Nagy and Andy Heck had a nice plan, Andy with the run game and Matt with the pass game.” – Chiefs HC Andy Reid on Kareem Hunt

11. Seattle Seahawks (8-6) [LW: 10]

  • Week 15: L 7-42 vs LAR
  • Week 16: @ DAL
  • Quote: “It didn’t go at all like we had thought. We ran into the Rams, who were on it. They played a great football game, they took advantage of the opportunities that were there, they made some things happen, then they were able to really cash in on a day that really went their way in a lot of ways.”- Seahawks HC Pete Carroll

10. Baltimore Ravens (8-6) [LW: 12]

  • Week 15: W 27-10 vs CLE
  • Week 16: vs IND (SAT)
  • Quote“It was like being in your basement, like being in your man cave with all your best friends. Most of us, you probably know who we’re rooting against. But that’s just human nature. It’s just crazy. The NFL, that’s why people love it. We were in one of those games a week before. So, we know how it goes.” – Ravens HC John Harbaugh on the team’s emotion after finding out the Patriots beat the Steelers

9. Atlanta Falcons (9-5) [LW: 9]

  • Week 15: W 24-21 @ TB
  • Week 16: @ NO
  • Quote: “We had a sense that this was going to be a big night for him. In fact, we talked about that before the game. We thought he’d have his opportunities and if he could get on the next level, the second level and on to a linebacker, safety or corner, make sure that he had a plan on how he wanted to finish.” – Falcons HC Dan Quinn of DeVonta Freeman’s MNF performance

8. Jacksonville Jaguars (10-4) [LW: 8]

  • Week 15: W 45-7 vs HOU
  • Week 16: @ SF
  • Quote: “This team has done a good job of bouncing back, of being able to celebrate a win and then get back to work.” – Jags HC Doug Marrone on clinching the AFC South title

7. Minnesota Vikings (11-3) [LW: 6]

  • Week 15: W 34-7 vs CIN
  • Week 16: @ GB (SAT)
  • Quote: “We’re focused on Green Bay and trying to figure out how we can win another game. It’s a great rivalry and they’re an excellent football team and a great organization. We’ll have to play really good to win. If we don’t win this game and the next game, it really doesn’t matter about all that stuff.” – Vikes HC Mike Zimmer

6. Carolina Panthers (10-4) [LW: 5]

  • Week 15: W 31-24 vs GB
  • Week 16: vs TB
  • Quote: “Disappointed obviously for the news. But we most certainly will go forward.” – Panthers HC Ron Rivera on the news Jerry Richardson would soon sell the team

5. Los Angeles Rams (10-4) [LW: 7]

  • Week 15: W 42-7 @ SEA
  • Week 16: @ TEN
  • Quote: “With Todd’s success, that is a reflection of our offensive unit, but I think it’s a great honor for him. I think he certainly has put himself into legitimate (MVP) conversations with that, just based on the production and what he has meant to our team.” – Rams HC Sean McVay

4. Philadelphia Eagles (12-2) [LW: 1]

  • Week 15: W 34-29 @ NYG
  • Week 16: vs OAK
  • Quote: “I do know this: It’s been a rough three games. We’ve been on the road. There was a West Coast trip in there with Seattle and L.A., and then (we were) up in New York. I think back to when we played the Broncos. I believe the Broncos were on the road for three games in a row at the time we played them and you saw what happened there.” – Eagles HC Doug Pederson to his team after Sunday’s win

3. New Orleans Saints (10-4) [LW: 4]

  • Week 15: W 31-19 @ NYJ
  • Week 16: vs ATL
  • Quote: “We’re just going to play Saints football. We will have our team meeting on Wednesday and coach is going to give us the keys to victory. From those keys to victory, we’re going to do whatever it takes from that Wednesday immediately to Sunday when we get to perform. We will try to do as much as we can to get those keys to victory almost 100 percent, if not 100 percent, by game day.” – Saints WR Michael Thomas

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (11-3) [LW: 3]

  • Week 15: L 24-27 vs NE
  • Week 16: @ HOU
  • Quote: “I think that we all can acknowledge that all of this needs to be revisited. It’s not just that play. We’re having similar discussions week in and week out. So as a member of the committee, I acknowledge that we’ve got our work cut out for us this offseason regarding a number of those things.” – Steelers HC Mike Tomlin on the NFL’s catch rule

1. New England Patriots (11-3) [LW: 1]

  • Week 15: W 27-24 @ PIT
  • Week 16: vs BUF
  • Quote: “The catch in the end zone is very clearly stated, so you’ve got to complete a catch. It’s pretty clear. Whether there’s a better way to do that, I don’t know. It’s a tough rule. It’s a bang-bang play. It could go either way, so I think you have to have a philosophy and whatever philosophy you have then there will be people on the other side with a different philosophy and then it really gets back into that whole discussion.” – Pats HC Bill Belichick


  • Cleveland Browns (0-14)
  • New York Giants (2-12)
  • Indianapolis Colts (3-11)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-10)
  • San Francisco 49ers (4-10)
  • Houston Texans (4-10)
  • Chicago Bears (4-10)
  • New York Jets (5-9)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (5-9)
  • Denver Broncos (5-9)
  • Washington Redskins (6-8)
  • Arizona Cardinals (6-8)
  • Green Bay Packers (7-7)

NFL Week 15 Power Rankings

NFL Week 15 Pick’em Results *Updated*

NFL Week 15 Picks

Not a bad week for picks. TyGuy would be in the lead, but he forgot there were games on Saturday and Monday. NFL Week 15 Picks:

Week 15
Away Home Time TyGuy TreBabs Rongy Cannon Winner
       12-3 11-5 14-2 12-4   
      136-61 151-73 145-79 145-79  
      69% 67% 65% 65%

Guest Contributor Rankings:

  1. Drew Peacock 12-1 (92%)
  2. Conny: 11-4 (73%)
  3. Greggles: 10-4 (71%)
  4. Robs: 9-7 (56%)
  5. Nicky M: 9-7 (56%)
  6. Panda: 6-8 (42%)

Last Week’s Results Here:

NFL Week 14 Pick’em Results *Updated*

Sunday Side Bets: NFL Week 15 *Updated*

Sunday Side Bets: NFL Week 15

Sunday Side Bets: NFL Week 15. For this week’s side bets we’re going in a different direction. Instead of the classic game we have been playing, we have a new game. For each NFL game on Sunday, we’ll present 2-4 players at a single position group. In addition, we’ll provide a single focus statistic. Then rank the players in the order you think they will finish in that statistical category for the game. You can only rank the players presented. Furthermore, if there is a tie within the statistical category, all tied positions will be considered.

For example, let’s look at Week 14’s Ravens versus Steelers game. 

Week 14 Pittsburgh vs Baltimore

Position Group: Wide Receivers

Focus Statistic: Targets

Player Pool: Mike Wallace (BAL), Jeremy Maclin (BAL), Antonio Brown (PIT), Martavius Bryant (PIT)

The Correct Rankings would have been: 

  1. Brown – 18
  2. Maclin -11
  3. Bryant- 10
  4. Wallace- 5

To win, you must have the rankings 100% correct for every game on the slate. Email your rankings to before Sunday’s contest begin. The winner each week will be eligible for QuarterMaster prizes. 

Week 15

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills

  • Position Group: Linebackers
  • Focus Stat: Total Tackles
  • Player Pool:
    • BUF- Ramon Humber
    • BUF- Preston Brown
    • MIA- Lawrence Timmons
    • MIA- Kiko Alonso
  • Correct Rankings:

T1/2. Kiko Alonso- 10

T1/2. Preston Brown- 10

3. Ramon Humber- 5

4. Lawrence Timmons- 4

Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns

  • Position Group: Runningbacks
  • Focus Stat: Total Yards
  • Player Pool:
    • BAL- Alex Collins
    • BAL- Javorius Allen
    • CLE- Isaiah Crowell
    • CLE- Duke Johnson Jr.
  • Correct Rankings:

1. Javorius Allen- 70

2. Isaiah Crowell – 65

3. Duke Johnson Jr.- 63

4. Alex Collins- 52

Cincinnati Bengals at Minnesota Vikings

  • Position Group: Receivers
  • Focus Stat: Receptions
  • Player Pool:
    • CIN- AJ Green
    • CIN- Brandon LaFell
    • MIN- Adam Thielen
    • MIN- Stefon Diggs
  • Correct Rankings:

1. Stefon Diggs- 5

2. Adam Thielen- 3

T3/4. AJ Green- 2

T3/4. Brandon LaFell- 2

New York Jets at New Orleans Saints

  • Position Group: Runningbacks
  • Focus Stat: Rushing Yards
  • Player Pool:
    • NO- Alvin Kamara
    • NO- Mark Ingram
    • NYJ- Bilal Powell
    • NYJ- Matt Forte
  • Correct Rankings:

1. Mark Ingram- 74

T2/3. Alvin Kamara- 44

T2/3. Bilal Powell- 44

4. Matt Forte- 24

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants

  • Position Group: Defensive Backs
  • Focus Stat: Total Tackles
  • Player Pool:
    • NYG- Landon Collins
    • NYG- Ross Cockrell
    • PHI- Malcolm Jenkins
    • PHI- Ronald Darby
  • Correct Rankings:

1. Malcolm Jenkins- 9

2. Ronald Darby- 5

3. Ross Cockrell- 4

4. Landon Collins- 1

Arizona Cardinals at Washington Redskins

  • Position Group: Receivers
  • Focus Stat: Receiving Yards
  • Player Pool:
    • ARI- JJ Nelson
    • ARI- Jaron Brown
    • WAS- Josh Doctson
    • WAS- Jamieson Crowder
  • Correct Rankings:

1. Jamieson Crowder- 55

2. JJ Nelson- 46

3. Josh Doctson- 16

4. Jaron Brown- 9

Green Bay Packers at Carolina Panthers

  • Position Group: Quarterbacks
  • Focus Stat: Total Touchdowns
  • Player Pool:
    • GB- Aaron Rodgers
    • GB- Brett Hundley
    • CAR- Cameron Newton
  • Correct Rankings

1 Cameron Newton- 4

2. Aaron Rodgers- 3

3. Brett Hundley- 0

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Position Group: Defensive Line
  • Focus Stat: Sacks
  • Player Pool:
    • HOU- Jadeveon Clowney
    • JAX- Calais Campbell
    • JAX- Malik Jackson
  • Correct Rankings:

1. Calais Campbell- 2

2. Malik Jackson- 1

3. Jadeveon Clowney- 0

Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks

  • Position Group: Kickers
  • Focus Stat: FG Made
  • Player Pool:
    • SEA- Blair Walsh
    • LAR- Greg Zuerlein
  • Correct Rankings:

1. Greg Zuerlein- 2

2. Blair Walsh- 0

New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Position Group: Kick Returners
  • Focus Stat: Return Yards
  • Player Pool:
    • NE- Dion Lewis
    • NE- Danny Amendola
    • PIT- Martavis Bryant
    • PIT- Eli Rodgers
  • Correct Rankings:

1. Dion Lewis- 74

2. Danny Amendola- 11

3. Eli Rodgers- 2

4. Martavius Bryant- 0

Tennessee Titans at San Francisco 49ers

  • Position Group: Wide Receivers
  • Focus Stat: Targets
  • Player Pool:
    • SF- Marquise Goodwin
    • TEN- Eric Decker
    • TEN- Corey Davis
  • Correct Rankings:

1. Marquise Goodwin- 13

T2/3. Eric Decker- 5

T2/3. Corey Davis- 5 

Dallas Cowboys at Oakland Raiders

  • Position Group: Runningbacks
  • Focus Stat: Rushing Yards
  • Player Pool:
    • DAL- Alfred Morris
    • DAL- Rod Smith
    • OAK- Marshawn Lynch
  • Correct Rankings:

1. Marshawn Lynch- 76

2. Alfred Morris- 61

3. Rod Smith- 13

NFL Week 15 Power Rankings

NFL Week 15 Power Rankings: 80’s Hair Band Classics

NFL Week 15 Power Rankings.

Bringin’ On the Heartbreak

Burnin’ out and burnin’ me.

23. Arizona Cardinals (6-7) [LW: 25]

  • Week 14: W 12-7 vs TEN
  • Week 15: @ WAS
  • Quote: “They’re tough at home. They’re always tough at home. It’s a tough stadium to play in, over the years, having been there. They’re professionals, too. They’re going to be ready to win, so we’ve got to go play our best game. Something we’ve struggled to do is go play early on Sunday mornings on the East Coast.” – Cards HC Bruce Arians on playing in Washington with their season on the line in Week 15

22. Cincinnati Bengals (5-8) [LW: 22]

  • Week 14: L 7-33 vs CHI
  • Week 15: @ MIN
  • Quote:  “I do. I said, in the beginning, they had a good focus and a good week of preparation, the six days. But we didn’t go out there and handle the different movements and changes very well defensively today particularly, and then the opportunity to sustain things on offense. We had some good runs that got going and then we didn’t sustain things by completing it, by making the first downs and giving us more opportunity and we had some balls down the field that we were a touch off in the first half, I felt like, and then didn’t get enough opportunity in the second half. Then obviously the fumble there, too many key things.” – Bengals HC Marvin Lewis on his team’s preparedness heading into the Chicago game

21. New York Jets (5-8) [LW: 18]

  • Week 14: L 0-23 @ DEN
  • Week 15: @ NO
  • Quote: “It’s been the best because of the guys. Not the numbers. It’s been the best because of the group of men in the locker room. I’m just proud to be a part of it. I’m so thankful they let me be a part of this team. It just sucks. When you can’t be out there for your guys, that’s the hardest thing. It’s just disappointing. I hate that it went this way, man.” – Jets QB Josh McCown on going down with a season-ending broken hand

20. Oakland Raiders (6-7) [LW: 16]

  • Week 14: L 15-26 @ KC
  • Week 15: vs DAL
  • Quote: “I would really like to see that … if you go halfway, it’s not good enough anyway. So I’d love to just see us just let it rip, OK, and go play. Talked about hair on fire, talked about the kind of effort and energy, playing fast, that’s what I believe in — and I’d love to see it more often.” – Raiders HC Jack Del Rio on his frustrations with his team

19. Green Bay Packers (7-6) [LW: 21]

  • Week 14: W 27-21 (OT) @ CLE
  • Week 15: @ CAR
  • Tweet: 

18. Miami Dolphins (6-7) [LW: 23]

  • Week 14: W 27-20 vs NE 
  • Week 15: @ BUF
  • Quote:  “It means a lot to the players. That’s a tough team to play. If you lose next week, nobody gives a (expletive) ” – Dolphins HC Adam Gase


17. Buffalo Bills (7-6) [LW: 20]

  • Week 14: W 13-7 (OT) vs IND
  • Week 15: vs MIA
  • Quote: “Well, field position. That was big in this game, with the conditions the way they were. I felt confident in our defense if we were able to pin them deep that we could get off the field and get the ball back, which we were able to do.” – Bills HC Sean McDermott on his decision to punt in overtime

16. Dallas Cowboys (7-6) [LW: 17]

  • Week 14: W 30-10 @ NYG
  • Week 15: @ OAK
  • Quote: “We ain’t getting no holding calls. The refs out there for nothing. I ain’t seen holding calls in the last five games. It’s ridiculous that the refs are out here looking at me getting tackled by offensive linemen. Come on, if you’re going to be out there, do your job. I feel like it’s unfair. I got a family to come home to, so if you’re trying to protect quarterbacks, you got to protect me, too. If you’re going to do it, you got to do it on both sides. If you’re going to sit here and call some BS on our O-line you got to call it on their O-line, too.” – Cowboys DE Demarcus Lawrence

Livin’ On a Prayer

They’re halfway there…

15. Detroit Lions (7-6) [LW: 15]

  • Week 14: W 24-21 @ TB
  • Week 15: vs CHI
  • Quote: “I just think we have a lot of confidence. I think guys that have been around here have understood that sometimes that’s the way the game boils down. We go out there and make plays,” – Lions QB Matthew Stafford

14. Kansas City Chiefs (7-6) [LW: 14]

  • Week 14: W 26-15 vs OAK
  • Week 15: vs LAC
  • Quote: I could actually see it Wednesday when we practiced. He looked more comfortable. I think every day that we go it will be that same type of thing. He looked good yesterday and did some really nice things.” – Chiefs HC Andy Reid on Darrelle Revis

13. Tennessee Titans (8-5) [LW: 11]

  • Week 14: L 7-12 @ ARI
  • Week 15: @ SF
  • Quote: “We’ve just got to do a better job of execution across the board. We didn’t have very many mental errors, probably one of our least mental errors games. But unfortunately, those ones we had were right at the point of where the ball was going to be, either thrown or run.” – Titans HC Mike Mularkey

12. Baltimore Ravens (7-6) [LW: 13]

  • Week 14: L 38-39 @ PIT
  • Week 15: @ CLE
  • Quote: “We could run it. We could pass it. You do whatever you can to try to get yards. If it works, it’s a good call. If it doesn’t work, it’s not a good call.” – Ravens HC John Harbaugh

11. Los Angeles Chargers (7-6) [LW: 12]

  • Week 14: W 30-13 vs WAS
  • Week 15: @ KC
  • Quote: “We haven’t accomplished anything really at all. We’re 7-6. We’re happy that we dug ourselves out of a hole, definitely, but there’s not much to celebrate.” – Chargers OT Russell Okung

Running With the Devil

Living life like there is no tomorrow.

10. Seattle Seahawks (8-5) [LW: 7]

  • Week 14: L 24-30 @ JAX
  • Week 15: vs LAR
  • Quote: “I really, really don’t like the way the game ended for us. We never want to see football games look like that. The level we play at, that’s not an excuse for going over the top like that. All these guys have heard that. They understand that. We don’t ever want to look like that.” – Seahawks HC Pete Carroll

9. Atlanta Falcons (8-5) [LW: 10]

  • Week 14: W 20-17 vs NO 
  • Week 15: @ TB
  • Quote: “Prior to the interception, there was about 1:30 left. Even if they kicked it and tied it there, we were going to fight like hell to make sure we could give the offense a chance to go down and win it if it was going to end up being 20-20. Long answer, but that’s how the game played out in our mind from a game management standpoint.” – Falcons HC Dan Quinn

8. Jacksonville Jaguars (9-4) [LW: 9]

  • Week 14: W 30-24 vs SEA
  • Week 15: vs HOU
  • Quote: “Blake had another really good game.” – Jags HC Doug Marrone on QB Blake Bortles

7. Los Angeles Rams (9-4) [LW: 4]

  • Week 14: W 43-35 vs PHI
  • Week 15: @ SEA
  • Quote: “Anytime we’re running the football like that, I’ve got to do a better job of making sure that he gets enough touches to get into the flow, especially when we’re getting some good movement,” – Rams HC Sean McVay on feeding Todd Gurley

6. Minnesota Vikings (10-3) [LW: 3]

  • Week 14: L 24-31 @ CAR
  • Week 15: vs CIN
  • Quote: “After watching the tape last night and again today, we really made a lot of mistakes. Didn’t play well enough to win. A lot of the critical areas we’ve been talking about we didn’t take care of, so we got beat. But it is a good time to refocus, get a good sense of urgency back and get back to work.” – Vikes HC Mike Zimmer

5. Carolina Panthers (9-4) [LW: 8]

  • Week 14: W 31-24  vs MIN
  • Week 15: vs GB
  • Quote: “We didn’t doubt him. That’s why we kept putting Jonathan out there. We believe in who he is, and he has been solid.” – Panthers HC Ron Rivera on Jonathan Stewart’s Sunday performance 

Paradise City

The grass is green and the girls are pretty.

4. New Orleans Saints (9-4) [LW: 5]

  • Week 14: L 17-20 @ ATL
  • Week 15: vs NYJ
  • Tweet:

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (11-2) [LW: 6]

  • Week 14: W 39-38 vs BAL
  • Week 15: vs NE
  • Quote: “It’s good to be in the kitchen. The kitchen’s in Pittsburgh, PA, this week in the National Football League, and at Heinz Field. That’s where you want to be in the middle of December. We don’t take it for granted.” – Steelers HC Mike Tomlin

2. New England Patriots (10-3) [LW: 1]

  • Week 14: L 20-27 @ MIA
  • Week 15: @ PIT
  • Quote: “No. Any questions about the game?” – Pats HC Bill Belichick

1. Philadelphia Eagles (11-2) [LW: 2]

  • Week 14: W 43-35 @ LAR
  • Week 15: @ NYG
  • Video:

The Race for the #1 Pick

  1. Cleveland Browns (0-13)
  2. New York Giants (2-11)
  3. Indianapolis Colts (3-10)
  4. San Francisco 49ers (3-10)
  5. Houston Texans (4-9)
  6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-9)
  7. Chicago Bears (4-9)
  8. Denver Broncos (4-9)
  9. Washington Redskins (5-8)

NFL Week 14 Power Rankings

NFL Week 14 Pick’em Results *Updated*

Week 14 Picks

What a rough week for picks. After the guys went two out of five on Thursday night, we knew we were in for a gauntlet this week. TreBabs asserted himself as the leader with three correct picks where everyone else picked wrong. Cannon had a miserable week going 6-10. Why did he pick both Cleveland and the Giants to win? Of course, TreBabs’s Dolphins and Rongy’s Panthers both won when no one else had faith. Here are the staff’s NFL Week 14 picks.

Week 14
Away Home Time TyGuy TreBabs Rongy Cannon Nicky M Winner
      9-7 13-3 11-5 6-10 9-7  
      124-57 140-68 131-77 133-75    
      69% 67% 63% 64%    

Guest Contributor Rankings:

  1. Drew Peacock 12-1 (92%)
  2. Conny: 11-4 (73%)
  3. Greggles: 10-4 (71%)
  4. Robs: 9-7 (56%)
  5. Nicky M: 9-7 (56%)
  6. Panda: 6-8 (42%)

Last Week’s Results Here:

NFL Week 13 Pick’em Results *Updated*

NFL Week 14 Power Rankings

NFL Week 14 Power Rankings: 90’s Boy Bands

NFL Week 14 Power Rankings, 90’s Boy Band style. It should be noted, Boyz II Men does not count as a boy band for our purposes here.

Dream Street

Who? Exactly.

26.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-8) [LW: 25]

  • Week 13: L 20-26 (OT) @ GB
  • Week 14: vs DET
  • Quote: “They played a decent game up to that point. The disappointing thing, to me, is we didn’t just bow up and hold them to a field goal.” – Bucs HC Dirk Koetter on the Packers last drive in Overtime

25.  Arizona Cardinals (4-8) [LW: 24]

  • Week 13: L 16-32 vs LAR
  • Week 14: vs TEN
  • Quote: “It’s a ‘What’ve you done for me lately?’ business. What happened today in New York, I think they won the division last year, didn’t they? You can’t control injuries, and you can’t control a lot of things. It’s the nature of the beast when you get in it.” – Cards HC Bruce Arians on job security in the NFL

24.  Houston Texans (4-8) [LW: 23]

  • Week 13: L 13-24 @ TEN
  • Week 14: vs SF
  • Quote: “Not good. I’ve never been in this situation, so I’m learning on the job too as far as being in a losing situation here.” – Texans HC Bill O’Brien on clinching his first losing season as Houston’s HC

23. Miami Dolphins (5-7) [LW: 26]

  • Week 13: W 35-9 vs DEN
  • Week 14: vs NE (MON)
  • Quote: “Just playing 60 minutes. We’re not going to slow down. I don’t care what the score is.” – Dolphins HC Adam Gase on defending his decision to onside kick leading 20+ against the Broncos (Gase was OC in Denver under John Fox).

22. Cincinnati Bengals (5-7) [LW: 21]

  • Week 13: L 20-23 vs PIT
  • Week 14: vs CHI
  • Quote: “Sometimes you’re in a situation that just kind of gets stale. If that’s happening here, he would know that. You’d love to see a new-found energy around this team because that’s what it’s going to end up taking.” – Former MVP Bengals QB Boomer Esiason on the team’s current coaching situation


They had some hits, but we’re never quite good enough to threaten the big boys.

21. Green Bay Packers (6-6) [LW: 22]

  • Week 13: W 26-20 (OT) vs TB
  • Week 14: @ CLE
  • Quote: “Brett did some really good things, especially at the critical times. At the most important time of the game, he played his best football. That says a lot about him.” – Packers HC Mike McCarthy on QB Brett Hundley’s performance in the 4th Quarter and Overtime

20. Buffalo Bills (6-6) [LW: 17]

  • Week 13: L 3-23 vs NE
  • Week 14: vs IND
  • Quote: “Well we’ve got to do a better job. To score three points, we’ve got to do a better job. I’m not going to sugarcoat that at all. We’ve got to score more than three points and put a defense under pressure. I thought we had a first good drive and then we gave the ball up there. You can’t do that in the NFL, in particular in the red zone. To come away with no points I thought was – although it was a good drive, it wasn’t good enough.” – Bills HC Sean McDermott on Buffalo’s offensive struggles

19. Washington Redskins (5-7) [LW: 16]

  • Week 13: L 14-38 @ DAL
  • Week 14: @ LAC
  • Quote: “Without a doubt, everybody’s disappointed, there’s no question. You know, we didn’t play very well against Dallas, that’s disappointing.” – Redskins HC Jay Gruden on Washington failure to meet high pre-season standards so far

18. New York Jets (5-7) [LW: 20]

  • Week 13: W 38-31 vs KC
  • Week 14: @ DEN
  • Quote: “He’s the biggest key to this team, organization. He’s such a down to earth guy, but an even better football coach. Having him being a part of this team, guiding us, has helped a lot throughout the season. Having him has made this thing so comfortable through the things we’ve gone through. He’s a great leader. We look forward to continuing to follow him.” – Jets LB Kony Ealy on HC Todd Bowles

17. Dallas Cowboys (6-6) [LW: 19]

  • Week 13: W 38-14 vs WAS
  • Week 14: @ NYG
  • Quote: “You try not to compare situations. That was a particular situation we had a few years ago and we tried to handle it. The biggest thing we tried to preach to our guys is just to prepare for the opportunity that we have on Sunday. It’s the same thing we’re preaching right now to our team, to get ready for this opportunity that we have.” – Cowboys HC Jason Garrett when asked about coaching changes in the NFL

98 Degrees

These guys had several good albums but never could be considered elite.


16. Oakland Raiders (6-6) [LW: 18]

  • Week 13: W 24-17 vs NYG
  • Week 14: @ KC
  • Quote: “CP stepping up, saying, ‘I can do this, I can help.’ [Special teams coordinator] Brad [Seely] saying, ‘Sure.’ We knew he was going to play a lot offensively, so we didn’t want to ask too much of him, but he thought he could do it and made some really nice plays for us.” – Raiders HC Jack Del Rio on Cordarrelle Patterson’s contributions Sunday

15. Detroit Lions (6-6) [LW: 14]

  • Week 13: L 20-44 @ BAL
  • Week 14: @ TB
  • Quote: “I’m not certain. We’ll have to kind of see how that goes, to be honest with you. Any time that you’re dealing with a throwing hand, it’s not going to be easy. We’ll see how it heals.” – Lions HC Jim Caldwell on QB Matthew Stafford’s hand injury

14. Kansas City Chiefs (6-6) [LW: 12]

  • Week 13: L 31-38 @ NYJ
  • Week 14: vs OAK
  • Quote: “At times frustration can set in. When good things don’t happen, it’s important to control yourself. With young guys they’re high strung, man, they’re competitive. (But) there’s a fine line. You have to handle yourself the right way.” – Chiefs HC Andy Reid on Marcus Peters ejection

13. Baltimore Ravens (7-5) [LW: 15]

  • Week 13: W 44-20 vs DET
  • Week 14: @ PIT
  • Quote: “That’s something we talk about a lot around here. It’s the way we organize the whole program, to play our best in December and January,” Harbaugh said. “I think our guys take that very seriously, and that’s the goal.” – Ravens HC John Harbaugh on Baltimore’s mentality down the stretch

12. Los Angeles Chargers (6-6) [LW: 13]

  • Week 13: W 19-10 vs CLE
  • Week 14: vs WAS
  • Quote: “Absolutely! What are you talking about, man? You’re talking about a high pick. That’s what they do. With Keenan, he’s just gotten better every single week. The guy didn’t play much last year, and I think you see more chemistry between him and Phil the longer they play together… It is special, but I think he’s doing his job.” – Chargers HC Anthony Lynn on Keenan Allen’s recent play

New Kids on the Block

Very successful, but were eventually overshadowed by the top two.

11. Tennessee Titans (8-4) [LW: 11]

  • Week 13: W 24-13 vs HOU
  • Week 14: @ ARI
  • Quote: “Very good (day). He took what the defense allowed him to take. He got us into all the right runs. … The run for the touchdown. The throwaways, when there wasn’t anything there.” Titans HC Mike Mularkey on QB Marcus Mariota’s solid day against the Texans

10. Atlanta Falcons (7-5) [LW: 8]

  • Week 13: L 9-14 vs MIN
  • Week 14: vs NO (THUR)
  • Quote: “I told the team inside, certainly a difficult loss for us, but one that was as a team. Over the last few weeks, we improved in that way all three phases, so today went right back to that. We knew it was going to be an all-day fight with Minnesota. We expected that coming in, and as the game turned out some missed chances on third down on both sides of the ball were really the factor in this game. Offensively, not being able to convert on some of the third downs and defensively then extended some drives, I thought was the real story of this game.” – Falcons HC Dan Quinn

9. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-4) [LW: 10]

  • Week 13: W 30-10 vs IND
  • Week 14: vs SEA
  • Quote: “I really think the quarterback had an excellent game. I really felt like it was just a matter of time. You watch a guy work and you watch him work his ass off and it’s happening in practice. It doesn’t always occur during a game, and to have it occur during a game I think is great for both him and the receivers because the receivers work extremely hard on that, too.” – Jaguars HC Doug Marrone on QB Blake Bortles performance

8. Carolina Panthers (8-4) [LW: 7]

  • Week 13: L 21-31 @ NO
  • Week 14: vs MIN
  • Quote: “Bad. There’s no other word for it.” – Panthers HC Ron Rivera on the team’s tackling on Sunday against New Orleans

Backstreet Boys

A close second, but not quite number one.

7. Seattle Seahawks (8-4) [LW: 9]

  • Week 13: W 24-10 vs PHI
  • Week 14: @ JAX
  • Quote: “The lateral was definitely not in the progression (of receivers). I just stepped up, I knew I was past the line, I was about to run for the first down, and the next thing I know here comes Mike Davis. Like I said, I had a baller to my right, and I gave him a chance, and he gets a big first down, a huge first down. It really kept the clock running, kept the drive running, and I believe we scored that drive. That was huge.” – Seahawks QB Russell Wilson explaining this play

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-2) [LW: 4]

  • Week 13: W 23-20 @ CIN
  • Week 14: vs BAL
  • Quote: “I was just playing to the whistle. I didn’t mean to stand over him. I was trying to get a big block for Le’Veon Bell for him to get upfield. The unsportsmanlike conduct is not me. I shouldn’t have done that. I hope he’s OK and I hope he gets better.” – Steelers WR Juju Smith-Schuster on illegal hit on Vontez Burfict

5. New Orleans Saints (9-3) [LW: 6]

  • Week 13:  W 31-21 vs CAR
  • Week 14: @ ATL
  • Quote: “I think it will be an extremely difficult one. When you look at (Muhammad) Sanu and (Taylor) Gabriel and the tight ends there this is a team and it’s just built differently and is very explosive outside and we’re going to have to be on point.” – Saints HC Sean Payton on New Orleans Thursday Night matchup with Atlanta

4. Los Angeles Rams (9-3) [LW: 5]

  • Week 13: W 32-16 @ ARI
  • Week 14: vs PHI
  • Quote: “I don’t think you really look at it as this is an end-all, be-all game. You look at it as, ‘This is another team that is very successful. This is another team that’s on a roll and a team that looks to be one of the postseason favorites.'” – Rams OT Andrew Whitworth on LA’s Week 14 matchup against the Eagles

3. Minnesota Vikings (10-2) [LW: 3]

  • Week 13: W 14-9 @ ATL
  • Week 14: @ CAR
  • Quote: 


Powered by JT (like Tom Brady or Carson Wentz), the ultimate boy band.


2. Philadelphia Eagles (10-2) [LW: 1]

  • Week 13: L 10-24 @ SEA
  • Week 14: @ LAR
  • Quote: “Can’t make those mistakes against good football teams on the road and expect to win. You just can’t do it and we did it again tonight.” – Eagles HC Doug Pederson after losing to the Seahawks

1. New England Patriots (10-2) [LW: 2]

  • Week 13: W 23-3 vs BUF
  • Week 14: @ MIA (MON)
  • Quote: “Yeah, fundamentals have been better. Just overall execution and awareness, seeing the plays. Sometimes, that half-step is the difference between making the play and giving it up. We have a lot of little things, a lot of guys working together. That’s been important, too. It’s a different offense every week, different skill players every week, different blocking schemes every week.” – Pats HC Bill Belichick on New England’s defensive turnaround.

The Race for the #1 Pick

  1. Cleveland Browns (0-12)
  2. New York Giants (2-10)
  3. San Francisco 49ers (2-10)
  4. Denver Broncos (3-9)
  5. Indianapolis Colts (3-9)
  6. Chicago Bears (3-9)

Last Week…

NFL Week 13 Power Rankings

NFL Week 13 Pick’em Results *Updated*

NFL Week 13 Picks

Here are our staff NFL Week 13 Picks. On Thursday, the Redskins burned all four of us. What a great way to start the week. On Sunday, there were some notable blunders. First, only TreBabs picked Green Bay to beat the Buccaneers. Then he turned around and was the only one to pick Houston to upset Tennessee. TyGuy got hosed by Denver in Miami but was the only one to have faith in the Jets. In primetime, TyGuy was the only one to pick Seattle.

Week 13
Away Home Time TyGuy TreBabs Rongy Cannon Winner
      11-5 12-4 10-6 10-6  
      102-47 114-62 106-69 113-63  
      68.5% 64.8% 60.6% 64.2%

Guest Contributor Rankings:

  1. Drew Peacock 12-1 (92%)
  2. Conny: 11-4 (73%)
  3. Greggles: 10-4 (71%)
  4. Robs: 9-7 (56%)
  5. Panda: 6-8 (42%)

Last Week’s Results Here:

NFL Week 12 Pick’em Results *Updated*

NFL Sunday Side Bets Week 13 *Updated*

NFL Sunday Side Bets Week 13

Here at Quartermaster Sports, Sunday’s are for side bets. The game is simple. For each game, we’ll present a side bet for each team. Choose the side bet from each game you believe is most likely to happen between the two. Email your side bet picks for each game to If your side bet is correct you get a point. Pick wrong, you lose a point. If neither is achieved, points are voided. Pick all wrong and risk the embarrassment. Here’s the Sunday Side Bets Week 13 of the NFL. This week’s focus: Turnovers


Week 13: Turnovers
MIN Defense: 1+ INT
at ATL Defense: Forces a Fumble
DET Defense: Forces a Fumble
at BAL Defense: 2+ INT
NE Offense: No Turnovers
at BUF Offense: 2+ Turnovers
SF  Defense: Interception AND Fumble Recovery
at CHI Defense: 2+ INT
TB Offense: 2+ Turnovers
at GB Offense: No Turnovers
IND Defense: 2+ INT
at JAX Defense: 2+ Forced Fumbles
DEN Offense: INT in the 2nd Half
at MIA Offense: INT in the 1st Half
KC Defense: No Takeaways
at NYJ Defense: Recovers a Fumble
HOU Offense: 3+ Turnovers
at TEN Offense: Exactly 1 TO
CLE Offense: No INT
at LAC Offense: 3+ INT
CAR  Defense: 1+ INT
at NO Defense: 1+ INT
LAR Offense: 2+ TO
at ARI Offense: Less than 2 TO
NYG Offense: 3+ TO
at OAK Offense: 2+ TO
PHI Defense: No Takeaways
at SEA Defense: No Takeaways

Last Week’s Side Bets:

NFL Sunday Side Bets Week 12 *Updated*

NFL Week 13 Power Rankings

NFL Week 13 Power Rankings: Thanksgiving Dinner

Leftovers on deck. Breaking down the NFL into tiers based on our favorite (or not so favorite) Thanksgiving Dishes. Teams that have been eliminated from playoff contention are now in the Race for the 1st Pick Section after the NFL Week 13 Power Rankings.

Cranberry Sauce

These teams lack all internal integrity.

29. Chicago Bears (3-8) [LW: 28]

  • Week 12: L 3-31 at PHI
  • Week 13: vs SF (SUN)
  • Quote: “Frankly, I don’t give a rip,” – Bears HC John Fox after being asked about his job security after Sunday’s loss.

28. Indianapolis Colts (3-8) [LW: 29]

  • Week 12: L 16-20 vs TEN
  • Week 13: at JAX (SUN)
  • Quote:

27. Denver Broncos (3-8) [LW:27]

  • Week 12: L 14-21 at OAK
  • Week 13: at MIA (SUN)
  • Quote: “It obviously hurt us down the stretch, and I told our guys, ‘If we can defuse those things, we have to defuse them.’ We can’t fall into the trap of getting into a fight that ends up losing one of our best players. We can’t do it. It’s unacceptable.” – Broncos HC Vance Joesph

26. Miami Dolphins (4-7) [LW: 25]

  • Week 12: L 17-35 at NE
  • Week 13: vs DEN (SUN)
  • Quote: “We’re going to focus on winning one game right now.” – Dolphins HC Adam Gase

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7) [LW: 24]

  • Week 12: L 20-34 at ATL
  • Week 13: at GB (SUN)
  • Quote: “We definitely have some injury issues this week. This was a very physical game and we had, as you mentioned, I think we had three offensive linemen that left the game and then came back in. We have seven O-linemen up [and] all seven of them played in the game. There is still testing going on right now, so as I say up here every week, over today and tomorrow that will all get figured out. But yeah, this is the most banged up that we’ve been after a game. We’re going to have a couple other guys this week.” – Bucs HC Dirk Koetter on Tampa’s mounting injuries

24. Arizona Cardinals (5-6) [LW: 26]

  • Week 12: W 27-24 vs JAX
  • Week 13: vs LAR (SUN)
  • Quote: “The way he’s playing right now I’d be very, very comfortable,” – Cardinals HC Bruce Arians on QB Blaine Gabbert. When asked if Gabbert could be the Cardinals 2018 QB: “Oh yeah, I think it’s a possibility,” Arians added.

23. Houston Texans (4-7) [LW: 22]

  • Week 12: L 16-23 at BAL
  • Week 13: at TEN (SUN)
  • Quote: “No, not right now,” Bill O’Brien said when asked if he’s considering a change under center. “It has to get corrected,” O’Brien said of Tom Savage’s turnovers. “If not, we’ll have to go in a different direction.”

22. Green Bay Packers (5-6) [LW: 21]

  • Week 12: L 28-31 at PIT
  • Week 13: vs TB (SUN)
  • Quote: “We had a mark for going north and south,” Mike McCarthy said of the limits for which Mason Crosby had hit in pregame practice. “That was right on the fringe. I obviously have a lot of faith and trust in Mason.” Crosby missed a crucial 57-yard FG in the Packers loss to the Steelers Sunday Night.


These guys still have a decent shot at the playoff’s but are nothing more than fillers at this point.

21. Cincinnati Bengals (5-6) [LW: 23]

  • Week 12: W 30-16 vs CLE
  • Week 13: vs PIT (MON)
  • Quote: “Going back and reviewing the football game yesterday, the positives were that the offense took care of the football, which was a key element in the game. We didn’t get any takeaways but were able to control field position all but once, which was good. We did allow the 90-yard drive, but for the most part, we were able to maintain field position.” – Bengals HC Marvin Lewis

20. New York Jets (4-7) [LW: 18]

  • Week 12: L 27-35 vs CAR
  • Week 13: vs KC (SUN)
  • Quote: “The fourth quarter has been a problem all year,” Jets HC Todd Bowles said after the loss. “Obviously, we lose our patience. Everybody is trying to make a play individually and we don’t play team football in the fourth quarter. We gave away the football [game].”

19. Dallas Cowboys (5-6) [LW: 14]

  • Week 12: L 6-28 vs LAC (THUR)
  • Week 13: vs WAS (THUR)
  • Quote: “The last thing I’m doing is pointing a finger and saying, `We need this guy, we need that to happen. I’m going to say we’ve just got to figure out what’s going on and get out of this slump.” – Dallas QB Dak Prescott

18. Oakland Raiders (5-6) [LW: 20]

  • Week 12: W 21-14 vs DEN
  • Week 13: vs NYG (SUN)
  • Quote: “They came up with some big plays in the game,” said Raiders coach Jack Del Rio about the receiving corps after Michael Crabtree got ejected and Amari Cooper got injured. “Johnny got deep again, did a nice job throughout the day. Also on special teams, did a nice job for us. Cordarrelle came up with some big moments in the game. All in all, it was a solid, solid job of filling in and executing with your two main guys out.”

17. Buffalo Bills (6-5) [LW: 19]

  • Week 12: W 16-10 at KC
  • Week 13: vs NE (SUN)
  • Quote: “This league’s going to try to move you in a lot of different directions. Who can stay focused, who can stay together the longest through adversity, that’s who wins. We just try and stay focused on that process.” – Bills HC Sean McDermott

16. Washington Redskins (5-6) [LW: 17]

  • Week 12: W 20-10 vs NYG
  • Week 13: at DAL (THUR)
  • Quote: “Two years ago, I’m a first-year starter playing with very experienced receivers, Pro Bowl-type receivers, and that’s a different dynamic than being now in my third year starting and working with younger players,” Redskins QB Kirk Cousins said. “I enjoy that opportunity to communicate and lead and teach and share experience. It’s hard to help coach on the field if you haven’t been there before and learned from already having been out there. I’m just going to draw on my previous experiences as a young player and try to impart that to the guys around me – if they need it. A lot of them don’t, but I’ll speak up when necessary and enjoy that opportunity and that part of quarterbacking.”

15. Baltimore Ravens (6-5) [LW: 15]

  • Week 12: W 23-16 vs HOU
  • Week 13: vs DET (SUN)
  • Quote: “Terrell Suggs, I mean, he’s Ponce de Leon — you should put that on the back of his jersey — he has found the Fountain of Youth,” – Ravens HC John Harbaugh

14. Detroit Lions (6-5) [LW:12]

  • Week 12: L 23-30 vs MIN
  • Week 13: at BAL (SUN)
  • Quote: “We’re still in good position. We’ve got three division wins. We got a few losses in our division but we still got a lot of football. A lot of football to play and a lot of things can happen in six weeks. We can’t get down on ourselves. How many points did they win by? Seven. That’s all right, man. We just got to regroup for Baltimore and get back on a run, start winning games and let the chips fall where they may, you know.” – Lions DT Akeem Spence

Green Bean Casserole

Always an underrated favorite, but not quite ready to knock Ham or Turkey off the top.

13. Los Angeles Chargers (5-6) [LW: 16]

  • Week 12: W 28-6 at DAL
  • Week 13: vs CLE (SUN)
  • Quote: “We’re bringing in some kickers (Tuesday). We’ll work some people out and if Nick is better at the end of the week, then we’ll probably go with Nick.  If he’s not, we have to look at other options…. Having two kickers on the roster, I would not count that out.  We need an insurance policy.  What happened last week, I don’t want that to happen again.” – Chargers HC Anthony Lynn on the team’s kicking woes

12. Kansas City Chiefs (6-5) [LW: 10]

  • Week 12: L 10-16 vs BUF
  • Week 13: at NYJ (SUN)
  • Quote: “Alex is my guy.” – Andy Reid when asked if a QB change was in the Chiefs cards

11. Tennessee Titans (7-4) [LW:13]

  • Week 12: W 20-16 at IND
  • Week 13: vs HOU (SUN)
  • Quote: “Did I look like I was running angry?” Titans RB Derrick Henry said in the locker room after the game. “I was just trying to make plays. We were down. I knew we had to score. I told the guys in the huddle: ‘Everybody do their job. Everybody do their job, and we’ll make something happen,'” Henry said. “And that’s what we did.”

10. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-4) [LW: 8]

  • Week 12: L 24-27 at ARI
  • Week 13: vs IND (SUN)
  • Quote: “At the end of the game I’ve got to do a better job. I should have run the ball and ran the clock out and went to overtime. That’s my fault.” – Jags HC Doug Marrone

9.  Seattle Seahawks (7-4) [LW: 11]

  • Week 12: W 24-13 at SF
  • Week 13: vs PHI (SUN)
  • Quote: “We are just gathering information and fortunately we got a win and we will keep going. There is a lot of football left and we are hoping that we can continue to find the very best of it and be really effective, so we will see what happens.” – Seahawks HC Pete Carroll on mid-season roster adjustments

8. Atlanta Falcons (7-4) [LW: 9]

  • Week 12: W 34-20 vs TB
  • Week 13: vs MIN (SUN)
  • Quote: “That’s not something that we just put in this week. It’s been something that we’ve had not just this season, but we’ve had it up last season as well. Sometimes you’re just waiting for a look that could happen. I’ve got to tell you, I wasn’t confident in it when I saw him bobble the snap, but I knew when he ripped it down the field, we’d have a chance at it. He’s a really good athlete. He can throw it, he can punt it, he can kick it. He can damn sure catch it, but for today, I thought there were some good third-down conversions by him. That connection from Mo to Julio, we were excited for that one.” – Falcons HC Dan Quinn on the Mohammed Sanu TD pass to Julio Jones


Not quite the Turkey, but almost ready to contend for the title.

7. Carolina Panthers (8-3) [LW: 6]

  • Week 12: W 35-27 at NYJ
  • Week 13: at NO (SUN)
  • Quote: “I think that’s possibly why a few of the balls sailed a little bit on him. There were a lot of good decisions being made, obviously. But unfortunately the ball wasn’t delivered or we didn’t make the catch. And we had some opportunities, as well.” – Panthers HC Ron Rivera on Cam Newton’s thumb soreness

6. New Orleans Saints (8-3) [LW: 4]

  • Week 12: L 20-26 at LA
  • Week 13: vs CAR (SUN)
  • Quote: “That was not good. We just couldn’t get into a rhythm.” – Saints QB Drew Brees

5. Los Angeles Rams (8-3) [LW: 7]

  • Week 12: W 26-20 vs NO
  • Week 13: at ARI (SUN)
  • Quote: “We scored 26 and felt like we could’ve scored much more than that if we would’ve finished up some drives.” – Rams QB Jared Goff

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-2) [LW: 5]

  • Week 12: W 31-28 vs GB
  • Week 13: at CIN (MON)
  • Quote: “Oh, we can win it all. We should win it all. I think that’s my mentality. I think that’s their mentality. But I’m less concerned about that and more concerned about what are the things that we’re going to do along the way to make that happen.” – Steelers HC Mike Tomlin

3. Minnesota Vikings (9-2) [LW: 3]

  • Week 12: W 30-23 at DET
  • Week 13: at ATL (SUN)
  • Quote: 


The pound-for-pound title contenders.

2. New England Patriots (9-2) [LW:2]

  • Week 12: W 35-17 vs MIA
  • Week 13: at BUF (SUN)
  • Quote: “I think I always heard that from my dad. I always heard that from the Navy teams and their preparation. My coaches and that’s — I just grew up that way. I don’t really know any other way. You control what you can control. The only thing that we can control is this week. We can’t control last week and we can’t control next week. Eventually, we can, but we can’t really do anything about it now. This week is this week. Today is today. We do what we can do with what is right immediately in front of us and do the best we can and when that is over we’ll move on to the next opportunity.” – Pats HC Bill Belichick on taking the season one game at a time

1. Philadelphia Eagles (10-1) [LW:1]

  • Week 12: W 31-3 vs CHI
  • Week 13: at SEA (SUN)
  • Quote: “My favorite player right now is Carson Wentz.” – NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Forward LeBron James

The Race for the #1 Pick

  1. Cleveland Browns (0-11)
  2. San Francisco 49ers (1-10)
  3. New York Giants (2-9)

Last weeks rankings:

NFL Week 12 Power Rankings

Is Zay Jones a Magician?

Zay Jones is that Dude

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Zay Jones guy. I met him a couple times when we went to ECU, he’s currently rostered on my fantasy team, and he even favorited a tweet of mine. I’m also 1000% sure that he has no earthly idea who I am, which I’m okay with. He seems like an A+ guy, and even though he’s had some trouble transitioning to the NFL, I’m still convinced he’s going to have a solid NFL career. All of this doesn’t matter, however, because I’m almost 100% sure that he is a real-life Jedi.

There are a few reasons that I believe this, but they all came to the culmination last week when he somehow floated back up from the ground.

See the video here:

The first time that I saw the video, it was in GIF form, and I honestly thought someone slyly made a GIF of him falling in rewind. Then, I saw the whole video and my mind was BLOWN. I’m not a physicist or anything, but this doesn’t seem humanly possible. I’m convinced that it’s magic. Whatever the case, I’m hoping that we see more of it. Could you imagine a TD celebration with this kind of trickery? EPIC.

P.S. After Zay’s first career NFL TD, he celebrated like this:

ABSOLUTELY convinced that he is a Jedi…or a Sith Lord.


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    • Post Coke 600 Power Rankings Another race in the books, another victory by either Kevin Harvick or Kyle Busch. Check out the Coke 600 Power Rankings here. Where does your favorite driver rank? Let us know what you think on Twitter @QuarterMasterNC and/or @QMS_Rongy. 20. Kasey Kahne – #95 Chevy While not in “top-tier” equipment

    • The NBA is Rigged The NBA is rigged and everyone knows it. However, no entity seems to know it better than our friends on social media. So instead of telling you that the NBA is rigged myself, I’ll let Twitter tell you. While I could go deep into the history of accusations of rigging against

    • Rongy’s Coca-Cola 600 Power Rankings Rongy gives his power rankings heading into this weekend’s Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Hot off his All-Star victory and third straight win in as many events, it goes without saying, Kevin Harvick comes in at #1. However, the rest of the top 10 is open for debate. Check

    • Loose, But Fast Check out Episode 0 of Loose, But Fast. Rongy provides a quick introduction to QuarterMaster Sports new podcast devoted strictly to NASCAR content. Without a doubt, the success of this podcast is solely dependent on its listeners. Don’t hesitate, engage us Twitter. We want to hear from you. You can find us

    • Ranking the Players Left in the NBA Conference Finals We’re four games deep into the NBA Conference Finals. In the East, the Celtics and Cavaliers are tied at two as that series heads back to Boston for Game 5 on Wednesday. Out West, a tough fought Game 4 by the Houston Rockets have their series