QMS Drinking Games: R.O.D.

R.O.D. or Ring of Death is a lot like Kings or Circle of Death, but with a little twist. If you’re not familiar with either of these games, then let me explain. R.O.D. is a drinking game that uses cards, people, and drinks. Everyone sits in a circle around a table and puts the cards in a circle or “ring.” Everyone takes turns pulling cards and adhering to the rules (ill get to those in a minute) until there are no cards left and everyone has a good buzz to go along with it.

Here are the rules:

2 – “You

(This is a simple card. If you pull a 2, then you get to pick someone around the table to take 1 drink.)

3 – “Me

(Again, another simple card. The person that pulls a 3 takes 1 drink.)

4 – “Give 2, Take 2

(This is probably the most self-explanatory card. The person that pulls a 4 takes 2 drinks and gives 2 drinks to a person or persons of their choice. Drinks may be split up)

5 – “Beer Bitch

(Whoever pulls a 5 is the “beer bitch”, which means that anytime anyone needs a new drink, that person must get it for them.)

6 – “Beat

(6 is a bit of a tricky card. Whoever pulls it can “beat” on the table at anytime before the next 6 is pulled and the last person to beat the table afterwards must drink. If the person that pulls a 6 doesn’t use the card before the next 6 is pulled, then they have to drink.)

7 – “Heaven

(After a 7 is pulled, the last person to point up “to heaven” has to drink.)

8 – “Hot Seat

(The person that pulls an 8 is now on the “hot seat,” which means that everyone around the table gets to ask them one question and they have to either answer the question or drink in place of their answer.)

9 – “Categories

(The person that pulls a 9 picks a “category” and starts the category off. After they start, you go in a circle fulfilling that category until someone can’t think of something. The person that fails, drinks.  *For example, if you pick beer then it would go Bud Light, Miller Lite, Heineken, etc…*)

10 – “Most Likely To

(The person that pulls a 10 says, “Most likely to ____.” It can be anything that you want. After they pick what their most likely to is, everyone points at the person around the table that they think is most likely to fit what was said. How many ever fingers that each player has pointing at them is how many drinks each individual has. *For example, 3 fingers pointed at you means 3 drinks.*)

J – “Drink Off

(Whoever pulls a Jack gets to pick someone to “drink off” with them. The person that pulled the card starts drinking and the person they picked can’t stop until the person that pulled the card stops. If the person they picked stops first then the person that picked them can think of a punishment. *For example, if you live in a neighborhood, then the punishment could be that the person that lost the drink off has to go outside and yell whatever the person that pulled a Jack wants them to.*)

Q – “Questions

(Whoever pulls a Queen starts by asking a random person around the table a question. This continues with whoever has been asked a question must now ask someone else at random a question until someone either laughs, answers the question, or uses a repeat question. The person that breaks the question chain takes 1 drink.)

K – “Rule

(Whoever pulls a King makes a “rule” that everyone must follow until the next King is pulled. Anyone that doesn’t adhere to the rule must drink. As soon as the next King is pulled, the previous rule is voided.)

A – “GOD

(Whoever pulls an Ace become GOD. GOD can do whatever they want to EXCEPT change the rules of the game in anyway. *For example, if someone tells them to drink, they still have to drink if they lose in “heaven” or “beat,” etc.* Other than change the rules, they can literally do anything they want to. Be careful, though, because after the next Ace is pulled, you’re no longer GOD and can be subjected to the same torment that you dished out.)

*One optional rule is to have a beer or shot in the middle of the circle. Whoever ever breaks the circle of cards must finish the drink*

Have fun playing R.O.D., be creative when making rules and punishments, and as always, drink responsibly.

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