Podcasts Are Coming!

In the fast paced society that we live in today, it’s hard to sit down and truly appreciate an article. Sports fans today prefer TV Shows or Radio, but the hot new media outlet on the market is podcasting. With podcasts, you can listen to your favorite personalities while you finish homework or commute to work, or during any other phase of your life.

Here at QuarterMaster Sports, we believe in adapting to best fit our fans, so starting next week we will be offering three new podcasts.

The Parley

Every Monday will feature “The Parley,” which includes all four of the QMS crew talking about the hot sports topics of the week. This podcast is sure to have no shortage of arguments and disagreements as Rongy, TyGuy, TreBabs, and The Cannon sort out who knows best.

That’s Your Opinion

Every Thursday will feature Rongy & The Cannon’s podcast, “That’s Your Opinion.” This will be a fast paced sports podcast that is sure to include the two’s specialty of NCAA Basketball as March Madness draws nearer.

Going Overboard

Finally, every Friday will feature TreBabs & TyGuy’s podcast, “Going Overboard.” This podcast will feature sports topics as well, but will also have real life debates, fantasy talk, and more. “Going Overboard” will be the perfect segue into the weekend as you wind down from work or school.

To begin with, all of our podcasts will be featured on SoundCloud. As always, you can find all of our content on our website and official Twitter page.

More information will be rolling out over the next week, but we hope that you come join us in our podcasting adventures!

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