NFL Week 17 Power Rankings

NFL Week 17 Power Rankings

There’s just one week left in the regular season and the three playoff spots are still up for grabs. In the NFC the Falcons and Seahawks are battling for the final playoff spot and a likely date with the Rams in LA in the Wild Card Round. Minnesota, New Orleans, and Carolina have all clinched playoff berths but are still jostling for position. The AFC picture is a little more crowded. Baltimore and Tennessee have the inside track on the 5th and 6th seeds, respectively. However, both the Chargers and Bills are in a position to capitalize should either falter. NFL Week 17 Power Rankings:

15. Tennessee Titans (8-7) [LW: 17]

  • Week 16: L 23-27 vs LAR
  • Week 17: vs JAX
  • Quote: “I would expect a full game plan, just like a game they have to win. Coming off a loss, I am sure they don’t want to go into the playoffs with another one, so I would expect we’re going to get the best of them, knowing Doug Marrone and Tom (Coughlin). – Titans HC Mike Mularkey on their Week 17 matchup with the Jags. 
  • Playoff Scenarios
    • Playoff Berth
      • Win
      • Tie and a LAC loss or tie
      • Tie and a BUF loss or tie
      • LAC loss and a BUF loss
    •  5th Seed
      • Win and BAL loss

14. Buffalo Bills (8-7) [LW: 16]

  • Week 16: L 16-37 @ NE
  • Week 17: @ MIA
  • Quote: “They obviously weren’t looking at the same television the rest of the country was looking at, were they? You know what, you can probably find somebody in this country that disagrees, and I know one guy would be [NFL vice president of officiating] Al Riveron sitting in New York City. – Bills Owner Terry Pegula on Kelvin Benjamin’s controversial TD that was overturned
  • Playoff Scenarios
    • Playoff Berth
      • Win and a TEN loss or tie and LAC loss or tie
      • Win and a BAL loss and LAC loss or tie
      • A tie and a TEN loss

13. Los Angeles Chargers (8-7) [LW: 14]

  • Week 16: W 14-7 @ NYJ
  • Week 17: vs OAK
  • Quote: “But we also talked about using all of that to bring us together, to make us closer and to make us tighter. And I just think going through all of those situations is not ideal, but I think it’s made us a tougher football team.” – Chargers HC Anthony Lynn on his team’s resiliency after relocating from San Diego.
  • Playoff Scenarios
    • Win and a TEN loss or tie

12. Baltimore Ravens (9-6) [LW: 10]

  • Week 16: W 23-16 vs IND (SAT)
  • Week 17: vs CIN
  • Quote: “I don’t think the NFL did us any favors by moving it back. But they don’t care about us. So, we just have to care about ourselves. We have to take care of our own business. That goes for our team, for our fans, and for our city. Let’s go win the football game.” – Ravens HC John Harbaugh on the NFL’s decision to flex the Week 17 schedule. 
  • Playoff Scenarios
    • Playoff Berth
      • Win or Tie
      • LAC loss
      • BUF loss
      • TEN loss
    • Clinch 5th Seed
      • Win
      • LAC tie of loss + BAL tie
      • BUF tie or loss + BAL tie
      • TEN tie or loss + BAL tie

11. Kansas City Chiefs (9-6) [LW: 12]

  • Week 16: W 29-13 vs MIA
  • Week 17: @ DEN
  • Quote: 
  • Playoff Scenarios
    •  Locked into AFC 4th Seed

10. Atlanta Falcons (10-5) [LW: 9]

  • Week 16: L 13-23 @ NO
  • Week 17: vs CAR
  • Quote: “What’s next for us?  We have got to assess and get ready. We get to go back home and play at home. All of that’s in front of us. That is what we intend on doing.” – Falcons HC Dan Quinn after Sunday’s loss in New Orleans
  • Playoff Scenarios
    • Playoff Berth
      • Win
      • Tie and SEA tie
      • SEA loss

9. Jacksonville Jaguars (10-5) [LW: 8]

  • Week 16: L 33-44 @ SF
  • Week 17: @ TEN
  • Quote: “Make no mistake about it, just so there is not a lot of talk during the week: When the players come in, we are talking about how we are going to play to win and do everything we possibly can to win this game, period. I am not even thinking about what happens beyond that, and that is the way we are going to go about our business this week.” – Jags HC Doug Marrone on not resting his starters in Week 17
  • Playoff Scenarios
    • Locked into AFC 3rd Seed

8. Seattle Seahawks (9-6) [LW: 11]

  • Week 16: W 21-12 @ DAL
  • Week 17: vs ARI
  • Quote: “That’s unusual, you know?” – Seahawks HC Pete Carroll on Earl Thomas’ interaction with Jason Garrett after Sunday’s game
  • Playoff Scenarios
    • Win and ATL loss or tie
    • Tie and ATL loss

7. Minnesota Vikings (12-3) [LW: 7]

  • Week 16: W 16-0 @ GB (SAT)
  • Week 17: vs CHI
  • Quote: 

  • Playoff Scenarios
    •  Clinch 2nd Seed
      • Win or tie
      • NO win or tie
      • CAR loss or tie

6. Carolina Panthers (11-4) [LW: 6]

  • Week 16: W 22-19 vs TB
  • Week 17: @ ATL
  • Quote: “What I’ve always said is I know nothing about that and I can only speak about what he has meant to me and the players. That’s why I did it.” – Panther HC Ron Rivera on breaking down Sunday’s victory with a “Mr. Richardson”
  • Playoff Scenarios
    • Clinch NFC South
      • Win and NO loss or tie
    • Clinch NFC 2nd Seed
      • Win + MIN loss + NO loss

5. Los Angeles Rams (11-4) [LW: 5]

  • Week 16: W 27-23 @ TEN
  • Week 17: vs SF
  • Quote: “I would like to say I can speak for the guys who have been here, and everything we went through. With McVay and Wade leading this team, I don’t know what they did, but they just brought the best out of everybody, brought some new guys in and everybody rose up to the challenge.” – Rams DE Robert Quinn on the Rams turnaround this season
  • Playoff Scenarios
    • Clinch NFC 3rd Seed
      • Win
      • Tie and NO loss or tie + CAR loss or tie
    • Finish as NFC 4th Seed
      • Loss and NO win or tie + CAR win or tie

4. Philadelphia Eagles (13-2) [LW: 4]

  • Week 16: W 19-10 vs OAK
  • Week 17: vs DAL
  • Quote: “We found a way to win. That’s the bottom line. We found a way to win. I’d love to win 40-3 or 34-28, but sometimes you’re going to be in these games. We got to be hard on ourselves as coaches and players looking at this film, moving forward, and get things fixed offensively. I thought the defense played really, really well. They kept us in the football game, special teams. [It was a] team effort, though. [We] found a way. [We are] sitting here today 13-2. Everybody’s got to come through here now. That’s the exciting part.” – Eagle HC Doug Pederson
  • Playoff Scenarios 
    • Clinched NFC 1st Seed

3. New Orleans Saints (11-4) [LW: 3]

  • Week 16: W 23-13 vs ATL
  • Week 17: @ TB
  • Quote: “Obviously, this was an important game. I thought our defense was magnificent. When I say that, with the injuries we have had, there are six or seven starters out of that defensive group. I thought they played well. I thought it was the difference in the game. They handled the short field when there was one and put us in good field position. They came up with some key stops down there on the one-yard line. Offensively, we did enough. Same thing in the kicking game. I think the kicking game went well. I thought Tommylee (Lewis) played well just in some (of) the coverage opportunities, punt-wise, and protecting field position. Good team win.” – Saints HC Sean Payton
  • Playoff Scenarios 
    • Clinch NFC South
      • Win
      • CAR loss or tie
    • Clinch NFC 3rd Seed
      • Win + LAR loss or tie

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (12-3) [LW: 2]

  • Week 16: W 34-6 @ HOU
  • Week 17: vs CLE
  • Quote: “We make the decisions we feel give us the very best chance to win. We needed the people we kept. We needed to activate Marcus Gilbert. There’s really nothing more to it than that.” – Steelers HC Mike Tomlin on the team’s decision to cut James Harrison
  • Playoff Scenarios
    • Clinch AFC 1st Seed
      • Win + NE loss

1. New England Patriots (12-3) [LW: 1]

  • Week 16: W 37-16 vs BUF
  • Week 17: vs NYJ
  • Quote: “That catch that he made on the touchdown was — you see a lot of good catches in this league and we’ve seen Rob make a lot of great catches. That ball, when it leaves Tom’s hands you think it is going out of bounds, it is going to land over by the wall somewhere. That was a great catch, and it was thrown obviously in a way where only Rob could get it, and Rob got it probably only as Rob could get it.” – Pats HC Bill Belichick on Rob Gronkowski’s one-handed TD grab Sunday.




  1. Cleveland Browns (0-15) *Locked into 1st Overall Pick
  2. New York Giants (2-13)
  3. Indianapolis Colts (3-12)
  4. Houston Texans (4-11)
  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-11)
  6. Denver Broncos (5-10)
  7. San Francisco 49ers (5-10)
  8. New York Jets (5-10)
  9. Chicago Bears (5-10)
  10. Miami Dolphins (6-9)
  11. Cincinnati Bengals (6-9)
  12. Oakland Raiders (6-9)
  13. Green Bay Packers (7-8)
  14. Washington Redskins (7-8)
  15. Arizona Cardinals (7-8)
  16. Dallas Cowboys (8-7)

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