Breaking: Gordon Hayward’s Tibia

Five minutes and fifteen seconds:

  • A missed 26-foot three point jumper.
  • A bucket made from 9-feet.
  • A shooting foul on Jae Crowder.
  • A defensive rebound.
  • An alley-oop attempt on LeBron.
  • Broken Tibia and Dislocated Ankle.

Basically, that sums up Gordon Hayward’s first minutes on the court as a Boston Celtic.

Here, look for yourself… Gordon Hayward Fractures Tibia on Alley-Opp Attempt

All the recruiting pitches and trips.

All the drama and speculation.

All the negotiations.

All the hype and excitement.

For only 5 minutes and 15 seconds.

First reports are saying Hayward will have surgery Wednesday in Boston to repair the newly-signed Celtic’s fractured tibia and dislocated ankle. In the coming days, doctors will determine the length of his timetable to return. Until then, the rest is speculation. No one wants to see such a crushing injury this early in the season to such a high-profile free agent signing. Fortunately for the Celtics, they have depth at Hayward’s position.

Before even signing Hayward, the Celtics drafted Duke wing Jason Tatum third overall in 2017. A year earlier and Cal wing Jalen Brown third overall. While having Hayward would make the Celtics bonafide Eastern Conference contenders, losing him doesn’t hurt as much as one would initially imagine. If Tatum and Brown develop steadily under head-coach Brad Stevens’ guidance, they have the legitimate raw talent to be molded into NBA studs.

Don’t forget Kyrie either. Now that he is clearly the #1 option offensively, look for the newly acquired 25-year old to showcase why he felt he needed to leave the Cavs. Though they lost a major piece, the C’s playoff chances are still very much intact. Come on, they’re in the Eastern Conference where at least one team with a losing record will likely make the playoffs. Also, they have an entire season to find a solution to Hayward’s absence, perhaps even a deadline-deal for a certain unibrow.




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