• 2018 NBA AllStar Game Mock Draft

    2018 NBA AllStar Game Mock Draft In honor of the 2018 NBA AllStar Game Draft, the first ever, we decided to have a little fun with it and conduct a mock draft of our own. Cannon will represent LeBron James as one team captain and I (Rongy) will serve as Steph Curry and the other team […]

  • NBA Power Rankings: Christmas Day

    NBA Power Rankings: Christmas Day Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Today is a day for family, friends, giving, and one of the best traditions in sports: NBA Christmas Day. Though we haven’t tried to power rank NBA teams since Thanksgiving, we felt Christmas Day would be the prime time to release new rankings. We all […]

  • Thanksgivings NBA Power Rankings

    Thanksgivings NBA Power Rankings Happy Turkey Day folks! No. Not Enes Kanter, Turkey. Turkey as in Thanksgiving’s Day. Eat up, people. Unfortunately, there are too many good college basketball and football games this week to worry about early season NBA rankings, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. The Celtics, Rockets, and Warriors are on […]

  • NBA Power Rankings (11/7)

    NBA Power Rankings (11/7) It’s way too early for NBA Power Rankings. I hate this. We all know 20 million different things are going to happen between now and the start of the playoffs. Screw it, I tried anyway. Top 5 1. Boston Celtics (9-2) After starting the season with two straight losses and losing […]

  • Time to Press the Panic Button in Cleveland?

    Time to Panic in Cleveland? The Cleveland Cavaliers have come out to a surprising 3-5 record to start the year. They also are currently mired in a four-game losing streak to the likes of the Nets, Pelicans, Knicks, and Pacers. Is this cause for concern? The answer is simply no. It’s way too early in […]

  • Lakers Ball Out Behind Lonzo, Pull Out OT Win

    Lonzo Ball meets John Wall The Lead-Up The Big Baller sideshow was back at it again Sunday. After a Lakers loss to the Pelicans, LaVar Ball was quoted saying, “[Washington] better beware cause Lonzo ain’t losing again. Not in the same week!” Another great sound byte to add to the Lavar Ball collection and another sound […]

  • TyGuy’s NBA Top 5/ Bottom 5 10/25

    Week 1: In the books The first week of the NBA season is in the books and it’s been a good one. From Gordon Hayward breaking his leg to Steph Curry throwing his mouthpiece, the first week of the season has been everything we wanted from the NBA. We knew the Bulls and Knicks would be […]

  • Jeremy Lin’s Season Is Over

    The NBA has just started back up and we’ve already had multiple season-ending injuries. First, Gordon Hayward, and now, Jeremy Lin is done for 2017. See the video here: Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that Jeremy Lin is as good as Gordon Hayward, but he is one of the better players […]

  • The Demise of The Chicago Bulls

    The rebuilding Chicago Bulls made a splash in the headlines for a fight during practice, in which Nikola Mirotic received a broken jaw from teammate, Bobby Portis. Instances like this make you wonder, what happened to the once recent top contender? Let’s start at the very top. The Owner and GM have turned what was […]

  • Breaking: Gordon Hayward’s Tibia

    Five minutes and fifteen seconds: A missed 26-foot three point jumper. A bucket made from 9-feet. A shooting foul on Jae Crowder. A defensive rebound. An alley-oop attempt on LeBron. Broken Tibia and Dislocated Ankle. Basically, that sums up Gordon Hayward’s first minutes on the court as a Boston Celtic. Here, look for yourself… Gordon Hayward Fractures […]