Rapid Reaction: Marvel’s Black Panther Trailer #2

Every sensible human being is a fan of Marvel…it’s just a fact. How could you not like superheroes? It’s one of the things that keeps us all young. And now, finally, they’ve introduced the baller that is the Black Panther.

T’Challa (played by Chadwick Boseman) hails from the hidden futuristic African nation of Wakanda. When T’Challa was introduced in Captain America: Civil War, we saw his father, T’Chaka murdered. From this trailer, it’s easy to see that this is going to be all about T’Challa coming into his own as the new King of Wakanda.

Now, to the trailer. The first thing that pops out, is the star-studded cast. It’s led by Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan, but also features the likes of Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis. There are also more minor characters with big-time names, but I’m only focusing on the ones we saw in the trailer. And what’s almost more impressive than the acting bill, is the fictional nation of Wakanda. This place is like futuristic world meets Disney wonderland, and it’s so well hidden because it’s the only place on Earth that you can find Vibranium, which is the mineral that makes up the Black Panther’s super-suit and Captain America’s shield. All in all, Wakanda seems like the perfect place. Who would want to screw a place like this up? Apparently, Erik Killmonger and Ulysses Klaue, otherwise known as Klaw.

We were introduced to the psycho, Klaw (played by Andy Serkis) in the first trailer, so I’ll focus more on Erik Killmonger (played by Michael B. Jordan.) Killmonger is a native Wakadan that has been turned by Klaw, but it really seems like he is an emo brat that didn’t get his way. At one point in the trailer, it seems that Killmonger got his hands on some Vibranium armor of his own and he and T’Challa are about to throw down, which is going to be epic. Every Marvel movie has it’s fair share of action-packed scenes, and it seems that Black Panther is going to keep with the trend. Aside from all of this, probably the coolest part of the whole trailer, was the fact that they snuck in the 1970’s beat poem, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” by Gil Scott-Heron in the voiceover.

I for one, cannot wait to see this movie, which comes out in February of 2018.

*Side note…knowing that Marvel was bought by Disney, doesn’t this trailer give you all the feels of a very popular 90’s Disney film? African King dies, so his son has to become the hero that everyone knows he is, all while some emo guy that doesn’t feel loved tries to steal the crown. Maybe it’s just me?*

Don’t Ask Mike McCarthy About Signing Colin Kaepernick

Okay, we all knew this was going to happen, right? Aaron Rodgers goes down with a broken collarbone, so someone had to ask Mike McCarthy about signing Colin Kaepernick…and they asked it alright. Now, most coaches would have probably downplayed the question and praised his own QB’s, but my man, McCarthy was pissed.

What the reporter in question didn’t take into account, was McCarthy had just lost his most prized possession. A-Rod is Big Mike’s A1 Day 1. You could see it in his eyes that he didn’t believe one word he was saying about Brett Hundley and Joe Callahan, but he had to say it. Hundley is trash. He showed that on Sunday when Rodgers went out and I honestly have no idea who Joe Callahan is. I give it exactly two weeks before there’s someone else in that “perfect” QB room of his because that’s exactly when the trade deadline is. I saw someone on Twitter joking about them signing Tony Romo, which would be a hilarious move, but unfortunately, it’s not going to happen. Whoever they decide to sign will be an upgrade, I’m sure…and hey, there’s always an ex-Heisman trophy winner out there looking for a job. (Yes, I’m talking about the man…the myth…the legend…JOHNNY FOOTBALL)

On a side note, I’m all for Kaepernick getting another job in the NFL, but maybe he shouldn’t try and sue every single one of his prospective employers.

QMS Drinking Games: R.O.D.

R.O.D. or Ring of Death is a lot like Kings or Circle of Death, but with a little twist. If you’re not familiar with either of these games, then let me explain. R.O.D. is a drinking game that uses cards, people, and drinks. Everyone sits in a circle around a table and puts the cards in a circle or “ring.” Everyone takes turns pulling cards and adhering to the rules (ill get to those in a minute) until there are no cards left and everyone has a good buzz to go along with it.

Here are the rules:

2 – “You

(This is a simple card. If you pull a 2, then you get to pick someone around the table to take 1 drink.)

3 – “Me

(Again, another simple card. The person that pulls a 3 takes 1 drink.)

4 – “Give 2, Take 2

(This is probably the most self-explanatory card. The person that pulls a 4 takes 2 drinks and gives 2 drinks to a person or persons of their choice. Drinks may be split up)

5 – “Beer Bitch

(Whoever pulls a 5 is the “beer bitch”, which means that anytime anyone needs a new drink, that person must get it for them.)

6 – “Beat

(6 is a bit of a tricky card. Whoever pulls it can “beat” on the table at anytime before the next 6 is pulled and the last person to beat the table afterwards must drink. If the person that pulls a 6 doesn’t use the card before the next 6 is pulled, then they have to drink.)

7 – “Heaven

(After a 7 is pulled, the last person to point up “to heaven” has to drink.)

8 – “Hot Seat

(The person that pulls an 8 is now on the “hot seat,” which means that everyone around the table gets to ask them one question and they have to either answer the question or drink in place of their answer.)

9 – “Categories

(The person that pulls a 9 picks a “category” and starts the category off. After they start, you go in a circle fulfilling that category until someone can’t think of something. The person that fails, drinks.  *For example, if you pick beer then it would go Bud Light, Miller Lite, Heineken, etc…*)

10 – “Most Likely To

(The person that pulls a 10 says, “Most likely to ____.” It can be anything that you want. After they pick what their most likely to is, everyone points at the person around the table that they think is most likely to fit what was said. How many ever fingers that each player has pointing at them is how many drinks each individual has. *For example, 3 fingers pointed at you means 3 drinks.*)

J – “Drink Off

(Whoever pulls a Jack gets to pick someone to “drink off” with them. The person that pulled the card starts drinking and the person they picked can’t stop until the person that pulled the card stops. If the person they picked stops first then the person that picked them can think of a punishment. *For example, if you live in a neighborhood, then the punishment could be that the person that lost the drink off has to go outside and yell whatever the person that pulled a Jack wants them to.*)

Q – “Questions

(Whoever pulls a Queen starts by asking a random person around the table a question. This continues with whoever has been asked a question must now ask someone else at random a question until someone either laughs, answers the question, or uses a repeat question. The person that breaks the question chain takes 1 drink.)

K – “Rule

(Whoever pulls a King makes a “rule” that everyone must follow until the next King is pulled. Anyone that doesn’t adhere to the rule must drink. As soon as the next King is pulled, the previous rule is voided.)

A – “GOD

(Whoever pulls an Ace become GOD. GOD can do whatever they want to EXCEPT change the rules of the game in anyway. *For example, if someone tells them to drink, they still have to drink if they lose in “heaven” or “beat,” etc.* Other than change the rules, they can literally do anything they want to. Be careful, though, because after the next Ace is pulled, you’re no longer GOD and can be subjected to the same torment that you dished out.)

*One optional rule is to have a beer or shot in the middle of the circle. Whoever ever breaks the circle of cards must finish the drink*

Have fun playing R.O.D., be creative when making rules and punishments, and as always, drink responsibly.

TreBabs’ NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

1. Kansas City Chiefs (–)

The Chiefs keep winning, Alex Smith continues to look like a top QB, and Kareem Hunt looks to be allergic to sub 100-yard games. Things are looking good in Kansas City. We’ll see how long the last undefeated team can go without losing a game.

2. Green Bay Packers (+2)

DeVante Adams has raised from the grave! A week ago, he took a shot that could have seriously injured the receiver, but he returned to the Packers to catch 2 TDs against the Cowboys. Another surprise performance for the Packers was backup running back, Aaron Jones, who ran for 125 yards and a TD. As much as starter Ty Montgomery wanted to play, he couldn’t feasibly expect to do so with multiple broken ribs. We’ll see how Jones is used when Montgomery gets back into the fold.

3. New England Patriots (+2)

The Patriots were able to win on TNF in Tampa Bay large in part to Stephen Gostkowski being perfect from range. Tom Brady threw for over 300 yards, but something seemed off about the veteran QB. Throughout the game, it was easy to see that he was feeling the Bucs pressure and seemed erratic in the pocket at times. Besides the eventual win, the biggest highlight from the Pats was wideout, Brandin Cooks. While Amendola and Hogan got the lion’s share of the targets, Cooks flashed the big play ability that he was traded for.

4. Atlanta Falcons (+2)

The Falcons were on bye in Week 5. They’ll play the Dolphins in Week 6.

5. Denver Broncos (+3)

The Broncos were on bye in Week 5. They’ll play the Giants in Week 6.

6. Carolina Panthers (+6)

It’s starting to look like the old Cam Newton is back. This week, he registered over 350 passing yards and 3 TDs. The coolest part of the game was when the Panthers ran a unique double option that resulted in rookie, Christian McCaffrey’s first career TD.

7. Philadelphia Eagles (+2)

If Carson Wentz keeps playing like this, the Eagles may run away with the NFC East. The Eagles have a tough TNF match-up with the Panthers, but if they can get a road win in Carolina then the sky’s the limit.

8. Detroit Lions (-6)

I probably had the Lions a little too high in last week’s power rankings, but they were an unfortunate goal-line stand from being perfect through 4 weeks. In Week 5, they tried their best to come back versus a good Panthers squad but ultimately fell short.

9. Minnesota Vikings (+1)

The Vikings should’ve never played Sam Bradford. RGIII was pleading for them to take him out on Twitter while having Vietnam flashbacks of his own knee injuries. Luckily for them, Case Keenum entered and played well enough to beat the Bears and rookie, Mitchell Trubisky.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (-7)

Big Ben was slinging interceptions like he was Oprah out there. On a couple of them, the Jags made legitimate good plays, but most of them were just ducks. Things seem to be very testy within that locker room, so I wouldn’t be surprised if their slide continues.

11. Oakland Raiders (-4)

The Raiders kind of suck without Derek Carr, which I guess is a testament to how good the young QB really is. Whatever it is, the Raiders need to get him back and healthy if they want to have a chance at getting an AFC wildcard.

12. Tennessee Titans (-1)

Matt Cassel is no Marcus Mariota. No receiver had over 34 yards, and if the Titans don’t get their QB1 healthy, that’s not likely to change. The Titans were a preseason favorite to make some noise this year, but it all relies on Mariota’s health.

13. Buffalo Bills (–)

The Bills lost a tough one to the Bengals in Week 5 largely in part to a ridiculous performance from opposing WR, AJ Green. I still think that the Bills are a much better team than people originally thought, but someone is going to have to step up in their receiving corps for them to be legit playoff contenders.

14. Los Angeles Rams (–)

The Rams have to get better play out of Todd Gurley if they are going to continue having a good season. 14 rushes for 43 yards isn’t going to do it. They have a tough matchup against the Jags defense in Week 6, but this could be a big win if they can get Gurley rolling again.

15. Houston Texans (–)

Deshaun Watson continues to look like the answer in Houston. This is his third week in a row throwing crooked number touchdowns. All 5 of his touchdowns went to either DeAndre Hopkins or Will Fuller, who are steadily separating themselves from the rest of the Texans receiving corps as Watson’s favorites.

16. Dallas Cowboys (–)

The Cowboys made one fatal flaw in this game…they left Aaron Rodgers too much time on the clock. The Boys played well, but they lost again, leaving their record at 2-3. Since their game against the Packers, their star RB, Ezekiel Elliot has been re-suspended. If they can’t get something going with their backup RBs in Zeke’s absence then it’s going to be a year to forget in Dallas.

17. Washington Redskins (–)

The Redskins were on bye in Week 5. They’ll play the 49ers in Week 6.

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (–)

Winston and the Bucs were unable to exploit a horrendous Pats defense on TNF and eventually fell 14-19. This game seemed to be a tale of two kickers. While the Pats’ Gostkowski went 4-4, the Bucs’ Nick Folk went 0-3 and ended up losing his job and effectively, the game in the process. The Bucs fall to 2-2 on the year, but the good news is that they have a healthy Doug Martin off of suspension to aid the offense.

19. Baltimore Ravens (–)

Buck Allen is becoming a force to be reckoned with for the Ravens. In today’s NFL, it’s a must for your RB to be able to run routes and catch passes. They also enjoyed a resurgence of WR, Mike Wallace, which led to an easy victory over the Raiders.

20. New Orleans Saints (–)

The Saints were on bye in Week 5. They’ll play the Lions in Week 6.

21. Seattle Seahawks (–)

I’m curious to see how long Eddie Lacy lasts as a Seahawk. They seem to give him chance after chance and he continues to be a disappointment. Luckily, their defense allowed them to beat a surprisingly good Rams team.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars (+1)

I remember the good ole days when losing to the Jags was the worst thing that you could do in this league, but now, they might actually be a good football team. Their old-school style is fun to watch and is proving to be very effective.

23. Cincinnati Bengals (+1)

Have a day, AJ Green! 7 receptions for 189 yards and a TD…damn. Now, that 77-yard TD was mainly because of terrible secondary play from the Bills, but still. If the Bengals continue to get high-end play out of Green, they’ll continue to climb these rankings.

24. New York Jets (+1)

Well, I guess the tank is over in New York. The Jets keep winning and their draft position keeps plummeting. Their win streak is going to have to rely heavily on QB Josh McCown and his newfound favorite target, Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

25. Miami Dolphins (+1)

As far as ugly wins go, this one may take the cake. Jay Cutler didn’t even throw for 100 yards and the Dolphins redzone threat, DeVante Parker exited in the 1st quarter with an ankle injury. Their defense continues to be pretty good, however, but a Week 6 match-up with the Falcons may put a damper on that.

26. Arizona Cardinals (-4)

Poor Chris Johnson. He was only able to rush for 21 yards on 9 attempts, which led to the Cardinals trading for Adrian Peterson after the game. This move also probably ended CJ2K’s career. What’s really cold is that AP took the man’s number after the Cards cut him.

27. Indianapolis Colts (+1)

On the day that the Colts retired Peyton Manning’s #18, it was #4 that stole the show. After making 3 field goals and 2 extra points without missing, Adam Vinatieri nailed a 52-yarder to solidify a win on an important day in Indy.

28. Los Angeles Chargers (+2)

I don’t know what the Giants did to the Chargers, but they must’ve pissed them off because the Chargers murdered all of their receivers. They also scrapped away their first win of the year in a battle of the unlikely defeated teams.

29. Chicago Bears (-2)

Trubisky was looking pretty damn good in his debut until he threw a costly pick in the 4th It was odd that when the Bears made this QB change, Tarik Cohen became worryingly ineffective. Hopefully, this can be accredited to a good Vikings defense, because the Bears are already slim where playmakers are concerned.

30. New York Giants (-1)

RIP to the Giants receiving corps and their hopes and dreams for this season. Brandon Marshall, Odell Beckham Jr, and Sterling Shepard all left the game with ankle injuries and veteran return man/WR, Dwayne Harris fractured his foot. All but Shepard sustained season-ending injuries. The Giants are 0-5 with pretty much no hope.

31. San Francisco 49ers (–)

Even though Brian Hoyer put up respectable numbers, the 49ers were still unable to pull out a victory in Indianapolis. After their loss, it was reported that they also released NaVorro Bowman, which likely points to them scrapping this season and hoping for a good draft pick.

32. Cleveland Browns (–)

The Browns QB curse is a thing of legend; right up there with the curse of the Bambino. Rongy’s guy, DeShone Kizer was benched again, and Kevin Hogan looked like a serviceable QB. It’s shaping up to be a winless 2017 for the Browns.

Mic & Alex’s ALDS Adventure

On October 10, 2017, two of QuarterMaster Sports’ friends, Mic & Alex embarked on a journey to the “great state” of Ohio. I don’t know the whole story, but Mic, a native Ohioan, and Alex, a Yankee fan rode through the night 600+ miles to have one of their dreams utterly demolished by watching Game 5 of the ALDS between the Tribe and the Yanks.

Game 5 looked to be a stout pitching match-up from the start with ex-Indian, CC Sabathia facing off against Cy-Young winner, Corey Kluber. Neither starter would end up with the win, however, with CC only going 4 & 1/3 and Kluber leaving a couple hanging to Sir Didi Gregorius. On that note, where did this Didi power surge come from? I was a huge fan of the Didi to the Yankees move from the beginning, but I didn’t expect him to drop bombs.

The Yankees seemed to be in control throughout this game. The Tribe tried to scratch away in the 5th inning, but as soon as Girardi handed the ball over to his stout bullpen, it was pretty much over. The final scoreline was 5-2, with Mic and the rest of Cleveland catching a huge “L” in the process. The moral of this story, friends, is never, under any circumstances, should you be a fan of a Cleveland sports team. Yes, they will all tell you that they are looking forward to LeBron and the Cavs, but we all know how that is going to work out. Best case scenario is they lose to the Warriors in the finals…again.

Back to baseball. I commend the Yankees for battling back from 0-2 and taking the series in Cleveland, but they’re in for a rude awakening in the ALCS. I fully expect for them to lose to the Astros 1-4. Alex, you’ll have to wait until next year buddy or even the year after that. Not that I have much room to talk. My Marlins haven’t so much as sniffed the playoffs since their 2003 World Series run, but hey, we have Jeter now…anything is possible.

In closing, we at QuarterMaster wish our friends a safe return to NC, but man, that was a long way to drive for a broken heart.

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